Connecting 4 computers and 3 moniters- need advice please

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Sep 30, 2007
  1. Connecting Multiple computers

    I have 3 computers/moniters/keyboards/mice right now. I want to be able to have 4 computers with 3 mice/keyboard/moniter because I really dont have the room for another moniter/mouse/keyboard setup. I'd like to be able to use my new computer on any of the moniters/keyboards/mice as they are all in the same room. Depending on the computer that other people in my family need, I'd like to be able to switch moniters/keyboards/mice quickly w/o having to change cables. I have found switches that allow 2 computers to run off of 1 moniter/mouse/keyboard but I havent found anything that allows 4 computers to run off of 3 moniters/mice/keybaords. I was thinking that I might be able to have it set up so that I just have 3 switches coming from the new computer to the other ones.
    So, Moniter A would hook to Computer A and D, Moniter B would hook to Computer B and D, and Moniter C would hook to Computer C and D. Is this possible to have 3 2-way switches coming off of the same computer?
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    Hi. I have 4 computers with only 3 sets of mice/moniter/speakers/keyboard. I want to be able to use each computer with their console. However, I also want to be able to change each console to use the 4th computer. I have found 2 ways of doing this. One is easier than the other but more expensive. Way #1. Way #2 is alot more complicated but I think it will be cheaper. I will use 5 of these to connect the 4th computer to all of the moniters. Here is how it would work. Each moniter would have this "Belkin Flip" attached to it. One of the outputs of the flip would go to the origional computer, the other output would go to the 4th computer that doesnt have a console currently. Another flip would be coming the reverse way from the 4th computer. This would have 2 more flips attached to it so that all 3 of the flips coming from the moniters could plug into it. It is slightly confuzing but I think it will be cheaper than the 1st way. Any opinions?
  3. gavilan

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    The second way should work, the only problem is your gonna have to hit a lot of buttons to get the 4th computer on the monitor you want it on.
    Honestly, I would just get a cheap CRT, keyboard and mouse for the 4th computer.
    What exactly is this setup for?
  4. Nodsu

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    Why not just move some keyboards-monitors-computers to another room?

    You woud need splitters for all the peripherals though. A VGA or DVI splitter (4-way probably) to multiply the video signal and a USB hub for keyboards and mice coming from the KVM switches. You need USB switches for this of course.
  5. tipstir

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    You need APEX Multi-Switch would allow you to hook up 8-16 computers, 8-16 keyboards, mice, monitors. You can hook them all into one Monitor or whichever you prefer.
  6. algoespanol

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    K, I have my mouse/keyboard figured out. I'm going to use 3 2-way USB switches with a 4 way USB hub. I just need to figure out how to get the moniter/audio to work now. I need each moniter to be able to show on 2 computers. Their origional computer and the new one. I was thinking of doing a 2-way audio/video splitter off of each moniter and speakers and running one of the 2 into one comp and the other one into a switch for the 4th comp. But I dont know what will happen if I give the moniter 2 inputs at once. Will it only accept one and cancle out the other? Any suggestions for the moniter would be great. Thx.
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