Connecting Intel Mobo to new case

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Jun 10, 2007
  1. Hey guys,

    I recently upgraded my computer. without any foresight i upgraded my graphics card but realized i needed a more powerful power supply to use it. so i got one and then found out that the opening in my case was tailor-made for my old PSU (it's a dell). So... i had to get a new case... anyway I wont bore you anymore.

    My problem is that I cant figure out how to connect the power button, power led, USB, etc etc.. .front panel to my motherboard. I know that each mobo has a specific connection pattern for this. I dont have manual for my motherboard tho since it's a dell computer. I've looked over the online documentation but havent been able to find anything. It's an Intel 845PE motherboard.

    Does anyone know how i can hook this specific motherboard up, or know what i need to be looking for in those manuals (specific keywords, etc)?

  2. nickc

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    could u please give the model of Del? not going say this will help, but someone might know how to look then.
  3. Nilgan

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  4. vnf4ultra

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    On my dell when I had to identify the front panel connections, I traced the wires from the original case to the front panel to figure out which was which. I followed the two wires from the front power led to the motherboard, and marked which pins they went to, and repeated the process with the hd led, and power button. The led leads have polarity, so if they don't work, they could be reversed, the power button doesn't have polarity.
  5. Nilgan

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    i'll try that, but the power button goes to a front usb connection area and then travels to the motherboard so it isnt directly connected. I'm not sure i'll be able to trace it. also, is it possible to do trial and error without blowing anything (not attempting the usb connection)
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