Connecting to my wireless and cable routers at the same time (pos double bandwidth?)

By NimChimsky
Feb 10, 2010
  1. Hola amigos,
    I have a home setup with a wired router connected to my main desktop (windows xp sp3), and also have a second physical landline in my office with another wireless router connected to it. My work provide this, even though it's not really necessary. Both connect to a 1meg internet service. I can put an smc dongle in my desktop and connect no problem to the office wifi router, this at the same time as the wired router being connected. Looking at the firewall log, the outbound and inbound traffic then you see both IPs for my desktop and through the office router being used by the machine. There is however, no real change in the maximum bandwidth. I downloaded a large workfile and it maxed out at the same 104/105 kbps

    My question is can i configure this set-up to utilise the full 2 megs available to me through the one machine? With my office line getting very little use, and my area only having modest 1meg max speed, it seems a shame not to take this option if it was available. Many thanks if you can help
  2. jobeard

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    This has been desired by many people, but it does not work :(
    Why? It is a routing problem. Your current routing is shown by
    netstat -r​

    To do what you want, you would need Asynchronous Transfer Mode where each packet can
    be individually routed (and that takes special hardware and software)

    As is, EVERYTHING gets routed to your Default Gateway on the interface where the connection was created.
    If the connection goes to IF#1, then all traffic will go/come on that IF.
  3. NimChimsky

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    Many thanks for taking the time to reply, I did have my doubts that this might be possible, but after a 15 min google search, I found nothing really conclusive relating to the question. You've explained it well.
    Thanks again :)
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