Connecting Win98SE PC to WinXP PC

By goosepond
Jul 9, 2005
  1. Hi,

    First post here. I am a newbie to networking in general and also XP. I'm trying to transfer files from my old Win98 PC to my new XP PC. It seems I'm almost there. I'm using Ethernet cards with a crossover cable. The PC's are aware of each other and the Win98 PC can see shared files from the XP PC. But for some reason, the Win98 PC doesn't want to share anything. On both PC's, the Win98 PC doesn't show anything when clicked on it's network ID, as opposed to the XP PC. I'm hoping it's a simple setting somewhere on the Win98 PC. I've followed examples here on other posts and selected file sharing as an option. Could anyone share some insight on my predicament. Please keep it simple as I've learned a lot in the last day or so on this site and others, but I'm on very wobbly legs here.


  2. mikescorpio81

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    Ok on the 98 pc goto Network Neighbourhood & right-click, select properties & in there do you see the ADD button? Hit that & add file & printer sharing blah blah blah.

    Try that :grinthumb
  3. goosepond

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    Thanks, but I pretty much had that stuff set up correctly. I figured out the problem. I hadn't set up any shared files on the Win98 PC. Once I said share the C: drive on it, everything was functioning. It seems XP by default already has a folder called Shared Documents.


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