Connection problem via programs

By Manners
Apr 15, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I recently bought a new Vista PC and the Internet works but only for browsing (IE7). If I attempt to run a program that connects to the Internet such as PokerStars, MSN, LimeWire, Azureus, Online games etc it will time out with a connection problem.

    At first I thought it was a Firewall problem so I disabled the Windows Firewall but still have had no luck.

    I am using an ADSL router (U.S. Robotics) and if I plug the same connection into my old PC these programs work fine.

    If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

    Thanks Manners
  2. asmodeus47

    asmodeus47 TS Rookie

    How did you disable the firewall? Simply turning it off, doesn't actually do that. You also need to go into the advanced area and uncheck you ethernet connection from the list of firewalled connections
  3. Manners

    Manners TS Rookie Topic Starter



    Thanks for your reply.


    This is already unchecked and the Windows Firewall has 'Not Monitored' status.

    I have been playing with the settings in Internet Options for IE7 such as lowering security measures but still nothing.

    Any ideas?
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