Constant blocking of mailicious websites by malware bytes

By rsmith713
Jun 19, 2010
  1. For the past 5 days, I have been receiving constant blocks of mailicious websites from malware bytes. The range seems to be for most of the blocks. I'm afraid something is trying to get in, and I'm not at all sure what it is. Every now an then, it seems to try redirecting my internet searches. I have run full scans with malware bytes,but it doesn't seem to be able to find anything. Can anyone help?
  2. Bobbye

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    You are describing two completely different conditions:

    1. Malwarebytes blocking malicious websites:
    If they are incoming- that is, coming from the internet trying to access your system, this is a good thing! Every day, thousands and thousands of scans are sent out, looking for unprotected systems. This is normal internet traffic. An just like traffic in the streets, there are times when it's heavier.

    If this is an outgoing attempt from within your system to reach the internet, Mbam is trying to prevent the sites from 'calling home'. Usually it would mean that the Host files have been hijacked.

    The IP is for a site in the Netherlands. This location and the Ukraine are both places which can also cause redirecting. Many times when a new virus or spyware program comes out, the traffic picks up.

    2. Redirecting: this can be associated with the same sites you mentioned and this would show up in the Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal steps that we ask you t run first. Found HERE.

    When you have finished running the programs, please leave the logs in your next reply foor us to review..
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