Constant reboot after microsoft updates...

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Nov 9, 2006
  1. Hello again!

    I have looked around and searched around the boards to see if anyone else has come across this puzzling issue (for me anyway) that I am having. I did see some threads with continous rebooting but I haven't come across anything here or on the intarweb about computers going into a conitnous reboot after microsoft updates:

    This is my first build. After installing all of the components into the tower, I was given a copy of windows XP pro SP2 from work and I installed it. The computer booted up no problem and no issues noted. I installed the driver to the video card, the motherboard and Norton Anti-Virus. I restarted and rebooted after every installation, no problems noted.

    Now it was time for the microsoft updates:
    I puchased the validation key from microsoft, entered the validation key when prompted and downloaded the validation software. I then proceeded to go and download microsoft updates. 59 updates were downloaded to my computer. I then restarted as directed.

    My computer is now in a critical state of restart and reboot. The computer would begin booting fine...get to the windows load screen, it would hang, the lights on the keyboard would flash, a blue screen would flash with writing on it (no I can't read what is written because the flash is too
    fast) and then my computer would restart. Over and Over and Over. I cannot access SAFE mode, it continues to go into a constant state of reboot. I really don't want to reformat and reinstall the OS again. Mainly because the validation software was downloaded ...and there is no possibility of getting to a restore point because I can't access safe mode. Hitting the windows key and pause break key to bring up the system properties to turn off the constant reboot does not work either.
    I still haven't received my On-line Product Key from microsoft and my CDs, which said would be shipped in 2-4 weeks, have been backordered .

    The only thing things downloaded onto the computer prior to the microsoft updates were the updated drivers for the graphics card, the Mobo and Norton Antivirus. The computer was restarted after every install and on problems noted.

    ...and the best part, because it's a copy of windows xp pro sp2, microsoft wants to charge me $99.00 tech support fee.

    Boy did I make the wrong decision on what OS to install.

    The worst part is that I have a newly purchased BF2142 currently burning a hole on my desk. If we can get this figured out, those of you that have the game can join me in game and shoot me full of holes for the double post!

    System Components:
    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro SP2


    1 MB ASUS A8N-SLI NF4SLI 939

    Video Card
    1 VGA XFX|7800GT 256M PVT70GUDE7

    1 CPU AMD 64 |3700+ ATHLON 64 939P RT

    1 MEM 1Gx2|CORSAIR Twinx2048-3200c2 R -

    Main Hard Drive:
    Western Digital 200 gig 7200rpm 8meg Cache

    Back up Hard Drive
    1 HD 250GB|WD 7200 WD2500JS SATA2%

    Thanks in advance for your experience and expertise in trying to tackle this insanity.
  2. Rik

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  3. Acoustic-Fury

    Acoustic-Fury TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the quick reply Ric.

    I am not solely convinced that it is the Norton Anti-Virus 2006 that is causing it to go into a state of reboot. It's almost like one of the updates isn't jiving with a driver with the video card or Mobo.

    It guess it could be the Norton, granted, I did not shut off the Anti-Virus protections before downloading the updates, but at this point I think I am trying to do anything to avoid a reinstall. I can't just take off Norton Anti-Virus. I'd have to re-install windows xp pro sp2 and that would wipe out my validation software that I downloaded from Microsoft for $161 dollars, then I really couldn't update microsoft until I receive the CDs and the validation key (whenever I receive it) would be useless.

    ...or do you think it is the copy of windows xp pro sp2 that is causing this mess?

    After doing a little more research I found a link on an email that microsoft sent to me directing me to my windows product key code and how to access it. So it looks like I will be able to reinstall and re-validate so that is at least comforting.

    So what I will try later tonight when I get home from work is to install the windows xp pro sp2, validate, microsoft update, install the drivers for the Mobo and then the video card and then install norton anti-virus.

    Sound like a plan? :D
  4. Rik

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  5. Acoustic-Fury

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    I'm not sure if you missed the part where I have a constant reboot that doesn't let me get past a certain point (namely the windows load up screen) and I can't access SAFE mode. So unless I am missing something, I can't access the internet to download this link.

    Can I download that software, put it on a disk here at work, then when I get home make sure in the BIOS that my CD drive is the first to boot up, and then run the program?

    Basically I turn on the computer now, the Mobo *BEEEPS*, ASUS asks me to hit the delete key if I want to go to BIOS (I am able to access BIOS), the next screen that pops up tells me a critical error happened and then it asks me if I want to 1. Start in SAFE MODE, 2. Start in SAFE mode...(I can't remember the rest), 3. Start in SAFE mode...(I can't remember that one either.) 4. Start up normally.

    I hit whichever one (doesn't matter they all don't work) I see a screen that says Microsoft windows with the load bar, the load bar moves for an extended period of time and then a quick flash of blue screen and then the computer restarts itself. This repeats continously until I physically turn the computer off.

    Thanks for the help Rik.
  6. Rik

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    Are you sure it's the mobo that beeps!!!! If so, your problem is more likley to be hardware rather than software!!!!
  7. Acoustic-Fury

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    The Mobo beebs at startup, it's like a little "hello" beep. Just one short burst like it's supposed to. There is no long beeps followed by short beeps or any kind of morse code of beeps. This mobo has always done this, and it beeped after every restart and the computer was operational until microsoft updates were added.

    I am by no means computer savvy as some of the members of this board, but I have been around computers long enough to know a thing or two. Sure Norton sucks and I'm not entirely sure why I purchased it when there are just as good not as invasive anti-virus software out there but I don't think Norton is the catalyst for why my computer is in an infinite reboot loop...but then again my re-install of the OS, validation of microsoft, downloading microsoft updates, installing drivers and then the installation of Norton last (Maybe I won't even install Norton) will definitely let us know then if it's the problem.

    Thanks Rik!
  8. Rik

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    So not a hardware problem then!!! You could try your windows cd to see if it can do a recovery!!!!
  9. Acoustic-Fury

    Acoustic-Fury TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That's not a bad idea Rik. I think I will try that before I do any re-installing.

    I'll update as to my progress. Thanks!
  10. Acoustic-Fury

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    Here's my update for those that are interested:

    I reformatted my SATA 2 drive and placed the copy of windows xp pro on it. I went to my email and went through the validation key. It tells me the key that I am using has already been assigned to another computer and that I have to contact Microsoft support...but I'm the guy who's using it! HA! I had a feeling I would be traveling down this road, so I am just going to wait for my CDs to come in the mail and I'll probably reformat and put that vailidated software on my computer. (I can't waste 160 bucks!)

    Or course I wasn't going to wait until I received the cds, I've got a newly purchased BF2142 burning a hole on my desk...
    Because the software I posses is a copy, it is not validated by Microsoft. So I can't update, and the version of directx is 8.1. When I try to download the latest directx driver it tells me the job was completed but when opening up dxdiag, it says I still have 8.1.

    So I googled and surfed until I found my answer...

    You have to find Directx 9.0b software and download that. Check dxdiag...yay it was changed. Restart. Now go and find a copy of windows xp sp2. Download that (it has the updated Directx 9.0c on it) check dxdiag...yay I have Directx 9.0c.

    So I have "updated" my computer to be able to play the latest video games but I do not feel my computer is stable...I don't even think the validated software I purchased and will be installing is going to make a difference.

    Something is not jiving with microsoft updates and either a driver on my video card, or a driver on my Mobo.

    I know, I know, I know...impossible you say. Wouldn't someone else out there have this exact same problem? I've been down that road... and I have not come across anyone else who's ever come across this.

    So what I have done this time around is dismantle the restart after a serious system failure. This way I won't go into a repeated reboot and I'll be able to hit a blue screen that will tell me what the hell is going on...or at least be able to get the error code so someone else can tell me what is going on.

    Thanks for the help...and if anyone has any thoughts or ideas to add to this thread, it would be much appreciated.
  11. Acoustic-Fury

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    More updates as another forum I visited had this information - forgive me if this has already posted on these boards:

    This is the procedure in order to prevent XP from auto-restarting after a system failure so that you can have time to read the Blue Screen of Death.

    Right-Click My Computer - Pick Properties
    Goto Advanced Tab
    Under Startup and Recovery section - Click Settings buttton
    Under System Failure section - Uncheck "Automatically restart"
    Click OK - and then OK again

    This will cause the machine to halt on the Blue Screen of Death and not just flash it for a split second followed by a re-boot giving you time to read the screen and perhaps get a bit more of an idea what the problem is.

    I haven't done this next part yet and plan to when I get home.

    Right-Click My Computer - Pick Manage
    Under System Tools - expand Event Viewer
    Click on System in left pane - read system alerts in right pane

    Often you can see errors and problems here that you might not see anywhere else.

    I will also be checking my system stability with the following downloads (This next part was taken from another forum, so as not to seem like I am advertising another tech forum - which most likely this information probably can found here already - please PM me if you want the name of the forum):
    Xtreme Systems SuperPi mod v1.5
    Stress Prime 2004 - single core
    Stress Prime 2004 - dual core

    # the floppy or bootable iso will work fine
    # boot system to floppy or cd and Memtest86+ will start
    # I have found that test #5 is the one that it will usually error on. On your keyboard hit C, 1, 3, 5 (enter), 0
    # If you can complete 5 passes of test #5 try to complete at least two full passes of all default tests without errors
    # Hit Esc when you are finished, remove the media, and boot to the OS

    Please keep in mind that memtest is not the final verdict on stability. You should run it under the following circumstances.
    # Overclocking
    # New build
    # Adding new memory or cpu to existing system
    # Troubleshooting OS errors that could be tied to faulty memory

    Stress Prime 2004 (SP2004) is GUI interface to Prime95's Torture Test which is much easier to use. Blend the default and recommended test.

    .: Single core system :.

    # run the .exe
    # choose Blend
    # click Start

    # run the .exe
    # go to calculate > choose the 32M option

    # run the .exe
    # choose Just Stress Testing
    # go to options > torture test > small or large FFT's

    .: Dual core system :.

    Open your Task Manager (crtl+alt+del) and you should see two blocks under 'cpu usage history' with the cpu usage at 100% when running these utilities.

    SP2004 Orthos Edition
    # run the .exe
    # choose Blend
    # click Start

    # create two individual folders
    # rename one of the superpi .exe's (eg. add a _1)
    # open both instances
    # go to calculate > choose the 32M option

    # create two shortcuts
    # right click one shortcut, and at the end of the target line put a blank space and add -A1
    # open both instances
    # go to advanced > affinity > uncheck let program run on any cpu and leave the 0 in the box and put a 1 for the second instance
    # option > torture test > custom > memory to use in (MB) should be half of your system memory

    Thanks to everyone here for their help, it really is appreciated and you do a great service here with helping those that really have tried "everything".
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