Constant restart loop

By makihara
Dec 26, 2005
  1. Hello

    I've had many devices this christmas for my computer (mostly USB).
    I've set them up fine, having no problems.

    Then today i plugged in my freecom external DVD RW, installed two programs that come with it - "cineplayer" and "easy media creator"

    i then restarted my computer. On reaching the desktop there was about 10-15 seconds before the computer went into reboot. This constant reboot then went onto a loop. Sometimes it rebooted at the welcome screen, sometimes it rebooted after being on the desktop for a couple of seconds. It seemed random.

    I tried safe mode: straight into the reboot loop again.

    I cleaned for dust inside (thinking overheating of motherboard or something i read somewhere)

    then i did a reboot to a "previous working condition" thingy.

    The computer started up but with that old error message "your system just recoverd from a serious error". It keeps coming up and up and up all the time.

    i uninstalled both bundled software programs from my computer. I havn't uninstalled the dvd driver which was automatically installed. Some help with that would be great.
    (i hope i'm in the right section)

    i'm obviously a bit worried about this error though now. The "more information" section of the error window goes on to give these numbers:

    BCCode: 1000007f BCP1:00000008 BCP2:80042000

    would it be good to follow the help here:;en-us;316434

    thanks for any help
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