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Sep 2, 2006
  1. i wanted to convert video from a video camera(record using tape) into my computer.. wad software do i need? thankx

    and wad hardware do i need too?
  2. Ididmyc600

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    I do this a lot as I have a Sony HI8 Cancorder, I use a Happauge Tv capture card and the software that is supplied with it is totally suitable, (details here)
    The card has a Co-Ax input and an RCA socket, the sound is inputted via the Line in socket.

    To link a camcorder going on the assumption that it has 3 plugs on the side of the body, one red one white one yellow,(colors may vary with country of build) where 1 is the video signal and 2 are the sound (if it is a Mono camera then there will be one sound socket), you simply connect the video output to the video input on the card and the same with the sound, dependant on make model of card, then you will have to invest in the correct leads.

    Once done run the software, mine was a bit of hassle of set up but once done capturing video is as easy as plug in and record.

    As there are various types of capture card and software the above info is based on my card and camera, and others may offer alternatives.

    If you post back with the make and model of camera that you have, and any further questions, we will try to help as best we can.

  3. stevenazari

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    yep I think he's using a video camera (video tapes), same thing though, Im using the win tv usb - its a pile of crap to be honest but its better than nothing, you have the connectors right?
  4. Ididmyc600

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    As for the right connectors, again its a case of each to its own, I made my own up after seeing what was needed.

  5. santiago8821

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    Thankx thankx.. guess i have to buy those cards n the fire wire
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