Copying a .voi file from APTIVA TAM to CD

By Craig Smith
Nov 3, 2010
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  1. Anybody out-there help with a SIMPLE problem ... OLD system?

    Anyone know how I can copy a phone message (file) form my (Aptiva) “operator” program to a CD?

    I hope I chose the proper forum; but I fear I have an "older" operating system.

    This computer is an older IBM Aptiva Pentium® 40.0 MG ram, “machine type” = 2168, model # M-61 (SL-H), mfg date: 512 [note, the mfg’s label also has this: “NOM-018” on it sandwiched between two bold horizontal lines] with Windows ’95 {4.00.950} as an operating system.

    What I mean by a " phone message" is that there are several phone messages saved as a ".voi" files on the Aptiva in what is called the "Telephone Answering Machine {"TAM"] and, in turn, part of "The Operator" (as in telephone & fax interface/program). However, the way Aptiva's are made (or at least I've been TOLD) is part of the sound-card in-turn functions AS PART OF THE MOTHERBOARD.

    The computer trace source is: My Computer\Hardrive(c)\Phoenix\Tam\mailbox0\Old 017.voi-thru-Old461.voi.

    More simply put, I am trying to copy several of the files that the "Operator" has stored (they are all ".voi" files) in it's message center onto a CD (different/newer computer) AFTER (as-in: also need to) converting these to a standard/playable format.

    NOTE (1): This Aptiva has a CD player but it does not record; however, it records (writes) to a floppy disk => therefore, I would be saving the files to a floppy disk. I have another computer that can read & copy from a floppy disk and then write to (save those files) to a CD., BUT I also need to convert those files to a format others so that those files can be 'played' on other machines, too.

    NOTE 2: right now; however, I cannot "open" the files listed above on any computer other than the Aptiva referenced above. Should I copy files that can not be opened???? seems that would be a waste of time/effort.

    Also, and as part of, searching for the files using Windows Explorer the error message for each file {when I double-click on them in order to open that file} says: "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in My Computer by clicking View and then clicking Options." >> {after doing that SOME of the more applicable choices [under a tab entitled: "File Types"] are: "Address book file," "AIFF Format Sound," "AU Format Sound," "Audio CD," "CD Audio Track," "CTL File" {interestingly, all these .voi files seem to also have a separate , "M3U file," "MP3 format sound," "MTC File," "MVB File," "PET File," "RealAudio," "RES File," "SAN File," "SDT File," "Sound(VOY)," "TBM File," "TRO File," VOI File" {and this one depicts the very same icon as that shown with the .voi files above}, " Then there is yet another tab entitled: "View" but this doesn't seem to establish that needed association. -- I am hesitant to establish any such "association" as (1) I am not at all sure I should do such a thing BEFORE I copy the file; and, (2) I don't know how to re-associate a file after I have guessed wrongly. >> So, which one should I “associate” with the file in order to ‘open’ it?

    Again...THANKS for YOUR help in this emotionally important effort!!

    Just to recap:
    (1) Can you tell me HOW to make the CD … remember I will need to convert the file
    (TOO) at some point?
    (2)Can you tell me HOW to associate a program to open a file?

    ***I am pretty computer illiterate, really stretched my knowledge-base to get this far, so PLEASE give me some (literal) steps to follow & use.
  2. chrisdenman

    chrisdenman TS Rookie

    Hi Craig,

    I desperately wish I could help you - I am actually in exactly the same boat as you, and I google every now and again to see if there's any new discussion on the topic - by coincidence I found your recent post on this board!

    My files came from the same source - an ancient program called 'Operator' that came with my Aptiva machine, about 14 years old. I have researched extensively and had absolutely no luck - and I don't even have the original machine any more, or indeed a copy of Operator.

    I wish I could give you better news... please let me know how you get on as I would love to be able to play my .VOI files!

  3. Tigger31337

    Tigger31337 TS Rookie

    Chris, Craig...

    Stay tuned for developments on this.
    I, too, am in the same boat. A few years ago I *was* able to convert old .VOI to WAV files but I didn't document the procedure. Now, I discovered a few more .VOI's that I'd like to convert. I know I did it without my original Aptiva M75 (and MWave card). I used either VMware or Virtual PC, an Aptiva recovery CD, and a helluva lotta time!! :)

    Let me see if I can at least re-extract the necessary software and drivers. That way, you guys can throw them into a virtual Win95 image of your choice and play around with it.

    - Tigger

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