Core 2 Duo E6750. Knowledge???

Jul 25, 2007
  1. I just ordered new Computer yesterday and im waiting for all the stuff to get in from newegg. and i was wondering if i made a good choice on buying a 6750? My supervisor said that this was a great chip and that he was thinking of putting it into one of his machines. I have high tech level but can someone tell me whats up with this chip and what is Intels " revisions " on it so it will make more sense to me. i know that it has a higher front bus at 1333MHz. but what are the other things ?? ?
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    well there really are no other things good about it really, its just a revamped 6700. Bad thing I see occuring is that your overclock is limited to your mobo. Unless you're buying a board that can get 1900 fsb. What's the point? Also, even then you could put a 6700 on the same mobo and get a higher overclock because the multiplier is higher and the native fsb is lower. So it leaves more head room for fsb increase. Of course you'd have to have the right cooling as well.

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    so true thanks for the info... eh it think it will be fine for my first build
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