Corrupt Folder/Video Files causing Windows Explorer to constantly crash

Okay so I had a few movies on my USB stick, and I decided to move them onto my desktop.
SOMETHING happened in the middle of importing the files (I don't know what, but I know the USB stick was not physically touched or removed) and windows explorer crashed, when I clicked on the window to restart it and it reset itself, it promptly crashed again. After some digging I found a guy who had a similar problem on windows Vista (I'm running windows 7) and that can be found here:

Reading that I got the idea to make another administrators account and try to delete the file through the command prompt. However, so far I cant seem to get the path right and it wont recognize the folder that the movie files are in.

Please help, these crashes are making the computer unusable in any practical way apart from using it as a very large paperweight.
And this is where I really screwed myself over, I never set up windows to back up files. I'll look into it in case I am mistaken about that, but I don't think that's an option.