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mohamed salah

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Hi, I recorded a video with my smartphone, it turned off at the end of the video and the video saved as 59 Mb but 00:00:00 time and can't be opened. So I tried to recover it with several apps for recovery with no result . any one can help me please

mohamed salah

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What is the video file format ?
After installing this and trying to play it in media player classic, or vlc player.
If the video shows no playback or refuses to open up.
Trash the file into the recycle bin on your desktop, as it is corrupted from accidental shut down.
saved as mp4 , if it is corrupted from accidental shut down ; no recovery apps can be useful ? thanks


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Thats right sometimes that will happen, if mobile phones don't have enough time to save it before shutting down.
The file will get corrupt or just won't play, been down that road many times so no need to be saddened by it.
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Hi Mate,
Thats not a problem. Had you shooted another video and checked wheather it is saved or not. Even though if you faced the same problem Go with better recovery tools that may help you to recover your data