Corsair teams up with Opera to integrate RGB lighting with a web browser


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What just happened? Your PC, keyboard, and mouse might light up like synchronized Christmas trees whenever something exciting happens in a game, but have you ever wished the same effects could take place when you opened a new tab in your browser or a file finished downloading? Probably not. But for those who do, Corsair and Opera have teamed up to offer such functionality.

A new update for Opera GX, which the company launched in 2019 as “the world’s first gaming browser,” adds integration with Corsair’s iCUE system. The iCUE software enables users to manage a multitude of RGB-packed Corsair devices from one interface, including keyboards, mice, headsets, fans, coolers, RAM, power supplies, mousepads, and more. You can also set up and customize your profiles for temperature and power.

With the Opera GX integration, users are able to choose animation themes for when the Opera GX browser starts up, opening and closing tabs, downloads finishing, and more. They can also be set to play when you activate the RAM, CPU, and network limiters. In total, there are 15 browser actions that can be synced with Corsair’s RGB lighting.

“Gamers can choose from one of multiple preset animation themes or go deeper and individually choose one of the additional effects. They can also import any gif and use it for a specific thing they do in the browser, with just one click,” writes Opera.

“Opera GX will also display a gif on your Corsair keyboard whenever you get a notification from Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram.”

In fairness, some people will likely appreciate the synergy between browser and RGB lighting, and we can expect more companies to follow Corsair in offering the same integration—Razer seems a likely candidate.

This is just the latest iCUE partnership for Corsair. Earlier this month, it collaborated with Ubisoft to celebrate the upcoming launch of Far Cry 6; iCUE-compatible components and peripherals will reflect the in-game action. It’s also giving away a very cool, customized PC based on Far Cry 6's in-game Furioso Jetpack.

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No, thanks. I already hate the lights on my keyboard when I game (I turned them off, of course) as to have lights for downloads (???!!!). Who is the brain behind these kind of crazy ideas?