Could a whole batch of hd's be broken?

By boncuk ยท 4 replies
Dec 9, 2007
  1. Well, I am a bit desperate, hope someone can help me out with this one. I have posted a few problems in the last weeks, but the problems keep on going.

    I have bought two hd's, one three weeks ago, one two weeks ago. I was very happy I finally had the money to buy 'em.

    But the first one made klicking sounds from the beginning, so I brought it back and got a new one. That one wasn't only making klicking sounds BUT ALSO 'hang' now and then. Every now and then it would hang for a split second, make a loud klick, and go on, sometimes this would happen like three or four times in a row, like a stutter. Everytime I thought my system would crash. Anyway, I brought that one back too and got a another new one. That one is the one I'm using now, with my operating system on it.

    The second hd, the one I bought one week after the first, seemed to be fine. No clicking sounds or other problems. So I put most of my personal stuff on it, to be sure I would not lose them, like photos and stuff. Yesterday I started to burn my stuff on dvd's to be even more sure. But in the middle of the first burn, the burning process stopped and since then this hd is not responding anymore. It is not visible at start-up, in my bios or in windows.

    I really am at a loss. THREE out of FOUR hd's defective? That's 75%! I have tried different cables to make sure it wasn't that, I have no clough whatsoever how this is possible.

    The disks are of this type: WDC WD5000AAKS-00YGA0 They're a new model from Western Digital. I have Speedfan installed and when I do a smart test (with the one that is working at the mo, though not sure how long that one will keep going...) I get this:

    "Since your hard disk is not in the current database, overall ratings and pictures will be based upon realistic values, but you should carefully check the results."

    So it's a very new model. Could there be something wrong with the model? Some production error or something? Or some compatibility issue? I'm totally at a loss. If I go back again to the shop I'm not sure they will believe me one more time. But in the past I have like bought and installed about 15 hd's myself, never had a problem. My system is fairly ok, just one year and a few months old. I use a certified XP pro, which is not giving me any trouble and no other hardware issues. I have an up to date security suite and never had problems with viruses or other malware in the past. So... anyone any idea?
  2. technicalfury42

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    3/4 is very improbable, but if you're buying them from the same place, have you considered the box they were in could have been mistreated during shipment or storage?
  3. Nodsu

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    Maybe you connected the hard drives wrong or your motherboard/PSU are bad? For example, you should not connect both the wide SATA cable and the power connector to a hard drive.

    Or, maybe you shouldn't have brought the drives home by dragging them on the ground behind you.. :p
  4. boncuk

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    Heheh. Well, I found out what was going wrong. I have one of these psu's from Spire called Rocketeer with ez (easy) cable, which means that there are like about 10-12 cables and you can plug the ones in the psu you need.

    I had one cable I used to connect to a fan, to do this I had put in a new piece of cable with a fan connector, then I had another piece of cable which split the power, one half went dead, the other one I connected to a cable that converted it to a sata power connection, and one of them was connected to my hd. I discovered that this cable has only four pins, while the sata cables have five pins. So I have plugged out this cable and plugged in a real sata power cable and suddenly my 3hd was back and I hadn't lost anything. It's working great now.

    But I'm not sure if the problem was caused by this mismatch of cables or the fact that I had too many parts connecting to the psu. I read that some psu's are too low on wattage to provide all the power you need. But at the time I bought it, around 15 months ago, it was the most expensive one, with 600 watt (I know that nowadays with sli or crossfire and whatnot, psu's have gone up considerably higher). But I have just one videocard, a 7300 gt, not a fancy, huge card, now three hd's, no soundcard, no floppy disk, and just one additional fan at the mo.

    I guess all I can do is plug in another cable and connect the fan to see if everything goes well, though I hope that won't damage my hd or something else, if it isa problem of power supply. Hopefully it was just caused by the mismatch of cables, coz my hd's have gone up to 45/47 c degrees. With that extra fan they stay at around 40.

    Also, another question, I have this powerfull fan on my psu itself, it can be switched on/off at the back of my pc. Though it blows out a LOT of air, when I put my hand behind my pc I can really feel it, the other fans I have are those silent types, with almost no air blowing out of them. But the downside is that it makes a LOT and I mean a LOT of sound. Is it ok if I leave it off? It doesn't really affect the temperature in my pc according to SpeedFan.

    Thnx for all your help as always!
  5. nickc

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    boncuk, I would not advise u to turn it off but if it is not blowing hot air off the psu u could sure turn it down, the main purpose of it is to cool the psu.
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