Could The Hard Disk Be Dead?

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Dec 28, 2007
  1. I've a Maxtor DiamondPlus 9 80 gb. Yesterday it began making some beeping noises and I can hear the head trying to read. I took the hard disk amp installed it on another PC. It reported 'Secondary Controller or Disk Failure'. When I install it as a slave and check the bios it reports only the number of cylinders as 67000, the tracks, sectors and megabytes are all 0. Someone tell me, is it dead? Thanks.
  2. run a check disk. you can even download Maxblast or maxblaster or something like that. it's the software that checks maxtor hard drives, and also helps you format them and partition them.

    that should tell you if it's dead or not.
  3. kimboy

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    Probably A Dead Hard Disk?

    There's something I didn't tell you. When I connect the hard disk as a slave, it isn't recognized by the system. Is there a way I can use the software when the disk isn't recognized by the system? Thanks.
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    Make sure the power connector is still working. If so, and if the other cable is good, then you do need to upgrade your Hard drive. Also, if the BIOS doesn't recognize the drive(as a slave) then it couldn't report the number of cylinders at all. If you run a check and use it as as slave in that process, are you changing the jumper from 'master' to 'slave'? Also, you don't need to check it in the 'slave' position. It either works as a master, or it doesn't. If you get a new one everything will be O.K.
  5. Tedster

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    if your HD is not even being recognized in BIOS, then it has probably kicked the bucket. Hook it up via a USB to IDE or USB to SATA adapter and see if you can read it. IF you can, then retrieve all the data you can. I would also check out your PSU. A flakey PSU can cause other components to fail.
  6. kimboy

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    I connected the hard disk on another PC and it still makes the dreaded di di di sound. Is it usual to hear the read head trying to read?
  7. zazazoom

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    lol its dead. that di di di sound is something i was hearing yesterday after dropping my newly purchased HD! i returned it and got a new one :p
    right click my computer go under manage ---> storage --> disk management

    bottom line its messed! get a new one :p
    also do what tedster said! check the psu!
    do you clean your pc regularily? from dust? :p
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