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Feb 22, 2009
  1. I am running a AMD Turion Dual-Core RM-70 2.00 ghz processor with 3 gigs of ram and when I play counter strike source with nothing running in the background except norton antivirus gaming edition, sometimes I get really bad lag for minutes and a time. It will last for about 2 minutes and then go back to normal. What is going on?
  2. raybay

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    Perhaps you could tell us about the brand and output of your power supply, as well as cpu/cpu fan... hardware configuration... such as optical drive, memory brand, etc.
    As you suspect, your system should not have any lag time of 2 minutes... But figgering out what is not going right can take some time.
    If it were my computer, I would want to test it with Norton Antivirus temporarily removed, and replaced with Avira antivirus...
    What you describe could be caused by just about anything in hardware or software... so make a checklist as you go... part of the job is ruling out problems, while assuming nothing...
    Defragmentation of the hard drive is a good idea. Checking over all the installs is another.
    But if the problem only occurs when running Counter Strike, then you know where to start looking.
  3. mopar man

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    Try without Norton first. God I hate Norton.... If that doesn't help, try this:

    If you know what an Autoexec.cfg in CS:S is, then you have probably made one, and you need to back it up, and if you've made extensive changes to controls or anything of that nature, you need to backup config.cfg, also. They are located in (SteamDirectory)\Steamapps\(yourusername)\counter-strike source\cstirke\cfg

    Make sure to back them up to somewhere such as the desktop, and don't delete them. Then, delete the ENTIRE cstrike folder. When you start CS:S up again, it will take a while to re-build this folder. This boosted my FPS by 20, and I believe its due to all the crap some servers make you download.

    Let me know if this doesn't work.

    Now if you don't know what an Autoexec is, then let me know and I'll get you an FPS boosting autoexec. It's a small text file (but instead of .rtf or .txt, it's .cfg) that has commands that CS:S uses. CAL (Cyberathlete Amateur League) and CEVO both have autoexecs that are legal for their competitions, but if you don't plan on playing those two, let me know.

    :) Good Luck!
  4. NovaNicker

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    Okay, thanks you guys. To raybay, I have a Compaq Presario CQ50 Notebook.
    As for those things, I dont know if you still want the info because of it being a laptop and not a desktop.

    And to mopar man, I know what an autoexec.cfg file is, but I've never made one. I don't think I'll be playing CAL or CEVO so anything will do. I will try without norton first, then just delete the cstrike folder.

    Oh, and btw, while I was lagging in CS:S, I went to the Task Manager, and looked at the CPU Usage chart. It was at 100% so I went to Resource Manager and it showed hl2.exe as the highest on the list.

    Thanks guy!
  5. mopar man

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    Also, I've heard some stuff about the AMD Dual Core Optimizer. You may want to look into that. It seems it may be a fairly common issue.
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