Counterstrike OpenGL and radeon 9800 pro prob

Jun 18, 2004
  1. System Specs:

    Athlon xp 3200
    512mb RAM
    nForce2 MB
    Radeon 9800 pro 128mb
    Windows XP

    Problem is I can't get any antialiasing in OpenGL mode and my FPS drops to about 35-40 (I get 100 easy in Direct3d). I have tried all the catalyst drivers from 3.9 to 4.6(crap.6) and have tried tweaking everything i know how. From HLtoolz to calling ATI. They said the card was defective so I traded it for another, same farkin problem. Direct3d works fine without all of the sprites I like to see. Could the Nvidia MB be conflicting with the ATI card? OpenGL outdated? Call me a noob but I am frustrated to hell with this.

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  2. BrownPaper

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    Did you install your motherboard drivers?

    Some people have bad fps because they did not install their motherboard drivers (properly).

    Did you have an older video card installed before the 9800 Pro?

    Make sure you uninstalled the older video card drivers first before installing the new card. You can optionally use a program like Driver Cleaner to get rid of older ATi or Nvidia drivers still left after driver uninstallation.

    What games are you having problem with?

    It sound like CS to me (the fps drop part), so make sure to run it in 32-bit color in the game options. I believe there was an issue of AA or AF not working with 16-bit color. Steam is buggy like that.

    I assume you already know about the game's console commands (fps_max 100, ati_npatch 0, ati_subdiv 0, etc.).

    In the ATi Control Panel, for OpenGL disable VSync. If you must have VSync on, enable Triple Buffering under Compatibility for OpenGL.

    Also disable any unnecessary background processes. Stuff like IM's and such could be problematic.
  3. ENDO79

    ENDO79 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have the MB drivers installed right because it works flawlessly in D3D (in developer mode I've gotten 150 fps), and other , newer, games. I wonder is ATI mainly focused on D3D? Maybe the OpenGL version in the game is the problem. I dont know. I guess I'll stick with D3D for now. Thanks for the help.
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