CounterStrike Source problems :(

By amphion0321 ยท 5 replies
Jul 31, 2007
  1. can any one give me any advice on why when i join servers 90% of the time i get disconneted when playing css...
    i have bt home hub (8meg) and i dont get disconnected from ventrillo or anything when i get disco'd from a css server.
    Also have windows live one installed/running wondered if anyone has had any problems because of that being installed? thx if anyone could help please reply or contact me on xfire (amphion0321)
  2. moobaa

    moobaa TS Rookie

    Do you have fraps installed?? when you play does it get like half loaded then disconnect?? when i had Fraps installed it did this to me, if you have Fraps, uninstall and use GameCma or summin' like that.
  3. moobaa

    moobaa TS Rookie

    ill try see if your on XFire
  4. amphion0321

    amphion0321 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no i dont have fraps installed :(
  5. moobaa

    moobaa TS Rookie

    hmmm..Not Sure then because when i installed fraps it wouldnt run, recheck your firewall or somthing like that, sorry
  6. moobaa

    moobaa TS Rookie

    You play Gunz, Cuz im having problems with that??
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