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Jan 14, 2016
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  1. So I just put together my first computer. I am running Linux with 4 ram and 1tb hard drive. I noticed that it was running slow, like really slow. I checked the graphics box and it said I needed a 3.0ghz CPU, so then I checked the CPU and it said 1.45ghz. Is this the reason it is running slow?
  2. MrBlkfx1

    MrBlkfx1 TS Evangelist Posts: 863   +204

    A couple questions:
    • What Linux distro are you using?
    • What CPU, GPU and HDD are you using?
    The slow performance could be caused to a lot of things. When exactly are you seeing the slow behavior? IE: Web browsing, gaming...etc As for the CPU clock speed, I wouldn't pay too much attention to that.
  3. Cooper Hanson

    Cooper Hanson TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm using Ubuntu, CPU = AMD SEMPRONtm ACCELERATED PROCESSING UNIT, GPU = EVGA GEFORECE GTXtm 750ti GPU BOOST 2.0, HDD = I don't know it didn't come with a box

    I may have found the issue, the GPU says that it needs microsoft OS
  4. MrBlkfx1

    MrBlkfx1 TS Evangelist Posts: 863   +204

    Well, the GPU doesn't necessarily need to be used with Windows, but it's just most compatible with it. There is a decent Nvidia driver you can use for your 750ti. Is your Ubuntu install fully patched? Also, it looks like you're using an APU, make sure you have the integrated GPU disabled since you're using the discrete 750ti.
  5. Cooper Hanson

    Cooper Hanson TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry I am a bit... lot of a noob I don't know how to disable my accelerated processor or know if Ubuntu is fully patched, like I said it was my first computer

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