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Dec 19, 2005
  1. Hi, I have an abit IS7 mobo, everything works fine untill i try to convert video files. after about 10 -20 min. i start getting beeps that are random. just kind of here and there. one beep then maybe 1 - 5 min later another beep, then maybe two or three beeps within 1 minutes time. some are beeps that overlap each other. I know the beeps of cpu overheating it's more of a de do de do de do. or if the or if the pwm overheats there is a specific beep. it does seem to happen as the entire system gets rolling. but i don't think that it's a heat issue. I downloaded a device called abit e.q. witch monitors all the bios settings. and while the video is converting nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.But here is the error report that abit e.q. gives me.



    2005/12/19 17:36:46 Warning:=5VSB: 4.99V
    2005/12/19 17:40:32 Warning:=PWM: 67.0C
    2005/12/19 17:41:27 Warning:=AGPV: 1.58V 5VSB: 4.99V
    2005/12/19 17:41:32 Warning:=DDRVtt: 1.25V
    2005/12/19 17:41:37 Warning:=PWM: 69.0C
    2005/12/19 19:07:42 Warning:=+5V: 5.11V +12V: 11.61V DDRVtt: 1.28V 5VSB: 5.02V
    2005/12/19 19:14:45 Warning:=PWM: 72.0C
    2005/12/19 19:16:08 Warning:=AGPV: 1.54V
    2005/12/19 19:16:47 Warning:=PWM: 71.5C

    note that the pwm warning is actually set to go off when it reaches 95 celcius so that warning don't actually caude a beep. but it does list in e.q. it's the others i'm worried about. Thanx a bunch if someone can decrypt this.
  2. DonNagual

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    It looks to me like a PSU issue. Do you by chance have another one you can test in there? What make is it and how many watts is yours rated at?
  3. DonNagual

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    I am not really good at reading those error reports, but it also looks like your PSU is pretty toasty.

    It could be that the PSU is getting too hot, and throwing off your voltages.

    Try running with the side case off for a while and see if that stops the beeps as a test.

    By the way, welcome to techspot!
  4. born1974

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    Psu Toasty

    My psu is a mad dog rated at 350w with max of 400w. it has three settins for the fan: slow, high and auto. I turned it up to high plus added another fan in front of my case. also the abit e.q. bios had settings that were different that the actual boot bios. the only real thing i found in e.q. that was weird was my PWM temp witch didn't look to hot but every now and then it spike to 95 celcius just for blink enough to beep so i turned the threashold up a little. and with the added fans i got no beeps this time. also i think if you have enough fans the object would be to keep the case closed so the air flows right. just my guess. I hope my mad dog is good enough. Thanx guys.
  5. IronDuke

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    Motherboard thresholds

    Doesn't seem the best of PSUs. Could be doubtful if it is heavily loaded. It seems as though your thresholds are very tight. Try setting them a little wider.
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