CPU error light stays on and no display on PC


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So I recently built my first PC and everything worked great. However, I had my front fan RGB set up to a control button on the case and a molex cable on the PSU, and I wanted to be able to control the RGB through my motherboard. So I disconnected the molex, disconnected the fans from the case button, and plugged them into the 3pin 5V ADD rgb receiver on the MB. I turned on the PC and everything booted as usual (rgb even changed on the fans) but the red CPU error light stayed on on the MB and the pc wouldn't display on my monitor. I turned it off and plugged everything in the way it had been (even checked all the other cables to make sure they were plugged in correctly) but the same thing happened when I turned it on again. I really dont know what to do, and I'm freaking out that I might've busted my pc. Please help.

MB: ASUS TUF Gaming X570 P
CPU: AMD ryzen 5 3600
Psu: Corsair RM 650X
Case and rgb fans: DEEPCOOL matrexx

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May be just a missed or incomplete connection.

Re-double check using manual - go step by step from beginning.

If it doesn't get fixed, ask a smart friend for help (in my case he went to Brown University).