CPU from an Asus P5P800-MX work on an ASRock P45X3

By Dalton
Nov 16, 2012
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  1. Will a CPU from a Asus P5P800-MX motherboard work on an ASRock P45X3 motherboard? I believe the CPU on the Asus board is an Intel LGA 775 and the ASRock board says it takes an Intel LGA 775 CPU but I want to be sure because there could be other things to know about before knowing they will work or not. Any help will be great, Thanks.
  2. cliffordcooley

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    Which CPU are you questioning?
    P45X3 Deluxe - CPU Support List

    The ASRock P45X3 doesn't appear to support CPU's that have a 533MHz Front Side Bus.
    The ASRock P45X3 does appear to support CPU's that have a 800MHz, 1066Mhz, and 1333MHz Front Side Bus.
  3. Dalton

    Dalton Topic Starter

    Ok, its a Intel Celeron 326 Prescott 2.53GHz CPU and I looked it up and it has a 533MHz FSB and it did not appear to be on that support list. So I'm guessing it's not gonna work. Maybe I should look for a dual or quad cpu, would be better than a single anyway.

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