CPU leak shows Intel beating AMD and Nvidia (at counting)


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Whoa!! That means Intel is so incredibly smart and can count beyond 10!!

......and creative too, I mean look at that CPU name: Core i7-1185G7 ...it's so smooth and rolls right off the tongue!!

If that isn't a great reason to buy Intel, I don't know what else is there to compel people to throw money at Intel!!
Athlon 9000 series?

The predecessor to the mainstream AMD Ryzen CPU is the AMD FX CPU (Bulldozer/Piledriver), which was the successor the AMD Phenom II CPU, which was the successor to the AMD Phenom CPU (K10), which was the successor to the AMD Athlon 64/FX (K9), which was the successor to the AMD Athlon XP (K8), which was the successor to the AMD Athlon (K7), which was the successor to the AMD K6-III, which was the successor to the AMD K6-2, which was the successor to the AMD K6


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I don't know why so many complain about the article, 11th generation or the comments from the author. Let's conclude:
- 1068G7 ist the "overdrive" version from the "U" versions. It is an 1065G7 version that in case of need they allow it to spend more energy to achieve a little more speed;

- 10xx Gx: that means 10th generation; the 11xx means 11th generation; the last two numbers mean the speed class of the CPU. Gx is the GPU performance.

About the 11th generation: Intel has absolutely no new arquitectural changes both in CPU or GPU. They just play with small updates, more transistors and the "GPU" are just nothing more than more units at faster speeds. Until AMD made pressure (and Apple), Intel just sold low core, low power GPUs with clock and marketing changes. How long lived the HD/UHD 6x0 ??? What is the "present" G1 GPU? an UHD 6x0 ...Intel is a bloated monopolistic company that sells rebranded garbage. After the Athlon XP I only had Intel CPU because the models I wanted didn't offered AMD (and AMD was a lot behind Intel on CPU and far away from nvidia on GPU);

At least AMD is making a huge effort and the Asus Zephyrus g 14 is a good example of a fast laptop, not too big or heavy. If the laptop / surface model I want for 2020/2021 exists with a Ryzen 4000/5000 I will definitely buy it.

On the GPU side, I hope AMD succeeds rivaling with nvidia, it made a lot of progress but still isn't there. If in 1 or 2 generations it is identical, than I'll try it too. Consoles use it; apple use it.

My goal is an SP8 identical to the SPX but with a Ryzen 4900U and excellent battery life


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I've never understand this being a fan of a specific company. They're a company. They have no affinity towards you as a person, they are not family or friends. Choose the product that suits your need and costs the least (in terms of tco, not up-front price). Brand should be very low on the criteria list. In fact even for a company Intel has proven to have absolutely no interest in providing for you. For the past ten years they have done little to no innovation, while keeping prices as high as they can. They have engaged in anti-competetive bribing and strong-arming to force companies to use their chips exclusively. They flat-out said to Asus and the likes that they would either not sell them anything anymore or only at extremely elevated prices if they dared to bring out a laptop with an AMD processor. That's not only illegal, it's immoral to boot.
Intel does not care about you. They only care about money.

And no, AMD does not care about you either, but at least they give Intel some incentive to improve.

Personally I will choose a product of the underdog if it ticks all the requirements boxes and the price is equivalent. And no, Intel is not the underdog at the moment, even though they are underperforming.
As of now, I would go AMD for CPU because they offer better price / performance in the mid-range. I'd also consider a used 570. That being said, I am a bit heasitant of their graphics as I had to deal with Linux driver bugs for years. Nvidia's bugs was graphical distortion as opposed to AMD 's crashing the running userspace. For my 3500U, Linux kernels are still fussy with AMD and Windows was crashing with green screen when using an external monitor on the previous update.

There's no chance I would have chosen an AMD over Intel during the FX generation. At the time, Intel had the performance and graphics drivers (despite lacking on the graphics hardware).

Ryzen 1000 would not have been enough to convince me to buy AMD because how lacking it was in single thread. Intel still has better cache systems, which makes a difference when running unoptimised code as well as emulation.

A couple years ago, if you asked me if I was an Intel Fanboy, I probably would have said yes, because they really were that much better at the time. A few security performance drops later, combined with bad pricing schemes, I'd now say no.

I was cheering AMD on the APU aspect when they were still pared weak CPUs. I've since stopped caring as much about APUs as are only as powerful as old it/i7 with entry level graphics cards. The graphics need to improve and the price of the 2400G needs to drop before it starts to make sense. Before Ryzen APUs, it seemed like failure after failure because the CPUs were so weak, even if the integrated graphics were stronger than Intel.

I wouldn't mind seeing Intel pull ahead again. Part of it may be nostalgia from my first it build. Equally, I would love to see market disruption if either company could manage a 50% boost in single thread performance (and I'm not just talking FPU).


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If only they hadn't forgotten how their own code names work in the process. Tiger Lake doesn't use Skylake architecture, so why is it called Lake?


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Not to throw more fuel on the fire, but...

Intel actually has trouble with "counting" for its generations. If you look back to the 1st-generation Core processors, none of those chips had a 4-digit number. They all had 3-digit numbers:
-- Core i3 chips were numbered 5xx
-- Core i5 chips were numbered 7xx
-- Core i7 chips were numbered 9xx

And let's not even get started on the Xeon chips, & their whole "v1/v2" scheme, or the "metallic" options...
Intel can name their cpu's how ever they want, until they will find a way to compete with AMD. Not to mention that Intel mobile cpu's from the 8th gen. up heat up like crazy and ramp up coolers like a madhouse, in idle. So far team blue is on the looser bench.
I literally created an account for this site just to say that this article is hilarious and I love it. Thank you.

Also, one item of note. Process node size no longer means very much. 14nm vs 10nm,vs 7nm... We're actually still nowhere near making things that small. They abandoned that as a technical term a while back and now it's just marketing.


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It doesnt matter, Nvidia is better at power efficiency than AMD. If AMDs cards are $50 cheaper but run 100w higher, smart people will still buy nvidia. AMD can contend, but they do so at a much higher power envelope not to mention they always have more driver issues than Nvidia.

If they could solve those issues, then I would gladly buy AMD.

Just an FYI ... both the 5700xt and 2070 super draw an average watts of ~215 while gaming. The 2070s is only 5% faster. Sooo .. that's fairly equivalent.

But I suppose "IF" AMD makes a new card that draws 100w more than equivalent performing Nvidia card, then yes, it may give pause for consideration. The problem is that your "IF" statement has no current reflection in reality whatsoever. Maybe it was true with Vega cards?

But I suspect if AMD does ever end up making more efficient GPUs then Nvidia, you probably wouldn't actually care.


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Whatever the numbering Intel needs to produce something good next time. The 9700K and 9900k are both garbage in heat production and power consumption. Intel needs to step up their game instead of their current direction of just using more power and producing more heat.


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Corporations can count. It's the customers who can't understand 2-digit numbers. So the corporations have to find innovative ways to go around the customer's IQ limitation. Less numbers in the name means more units sold.