CPU temperature

By martinlw
Mar 5, 2016
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  1. Hi I have just installed a new motherboard have noticed cpu tem going down to 46c then shooting up to 64 is this normal with new thermal paste or do I need to redo the thermal paste.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    At idle, temp should be around 30C. Operating can be higher than 50C, but some CPUs fail a bit above 60C.

    I would guess that attachment of heat sink is suspect. Take it apart and inspect for issues (like a cracked mounting frame if plastic, or a slipped mounting pin). Everything should fit together with only slight pressure - especially any Skylake builds.

    Needs fresh application of thermal paste when you re-assemble.

    As to thermal paste - pea method is probably best - Youtube has good videos on this.

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