Hardware CPU Upgrade. Computer Freezes after BIOS screen


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I have a Zebronics Mobo with
Pentium D, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD. The mobo had some issues it was not booting up,sent it for service they found fault in processor and mobo, upgraded my processor to Core 2 Duo.
BIOS runs fine now however when I try to install windows through usb ,it freezes at 'windows is loading files screen.'
I tried running memtest x86 it is also freezing after running for 7 mins.
Next thing I tried was to run Bionic Pup Linux Live USB which is also getting stuck at loading files.

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Hard to say from your description. Loose heatsink, improper application of TIM, RAM error, heat or capacitor issue in PSU or even the GPU... Since it passes POST, the error is likely to be in the components and not the actual CPU or motherboard.

It might be appropriate to think that the 'fix' is incomplete - at least until the system can have operating system fully installed and functioning.
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