Cpu upgrade

By maddave
Jan 24, 2009
  1. Hi Guys, looking to see if I can upgrade my cpu, see stats below
    name AMD Sempron
    code name Thoroughbred
    package socket A (462)
    technology 0.13 um
    core voltage 1.616 v
    specification AMD Sempron (tm) 2400+
    core speed 1664.6 mhz
    motherboard is Kobian kvm266pm
    chipset km400
    southbridge vt8235
    bios American megatrend inc version 07.00t
    memory 1280 mb DDR
    psu thermaltake 430 watts
    model xp550 np

    Hope thats enough info.Yeah I know its old, just like me, it runs well enough but would like to increase the cpu speed. I know I should save my money and buy a whole new box, but was wondering if there was a better cpu I could put in it.
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