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Jul 22, 2004
  1. Hello Friends.
    I was looking for something to cool my PCU, without acually adding more fans, because this is a Emachine and there is no spare pins to plug in any extra fans.
    I heard about CPUIdle, and I am very impressed with the results.
    Is it acually as good as it looks. It lowered my CPU temp from 57C - 60C to about 49C-50C.
    These are indeed great results.
    Now my question is, will this slow down and or still cool my cpu while playing games or using applications?
    Thanks, all help would be great.

    P.S. I am using it without the suggested program "Motherboard monitor because my MB is not supported. Will SPUIdle still work correctly without it?
  2. SOB

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    it's only when the cpu is @ idle. regardless, if you have an overclocked machine, it's of great help. i have found this combination of cpu idle and motherboard monitor a must have.
  3. SturmteK

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    Do you need Motherboard Monitor to make CpuIdle work properly?
    Or is MBM just for checking the CPU temperature?
    I got another question, I currently have AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    Which setting would suit me best for running high end games and apps. Would the best choice be S1, C2 or OS under the Athlon Cooling Mode Options?
    I think I am gonna buy this program.
    This is defenetly one of the best apps I have come by in rescent time.

  4. SOB

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  5. RealBlackStuff

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    MBM is not necessary for CPUIdle to run.

    When installing CPUIdle, make sure to set the special AMD-switch in one of the tabs.
  6. SOB

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    the switch referred to is only for via chipsets to fix an audio issue, i believe.
  7. Rick

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    It won't affect performance, with the exception of the occasional bug.
  8. SturmteK

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    I will register CPUIdle.
    Great program.
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