Crashes with New LCD Hooked up, Help Please

By Dubbington
Oct 17, 2006
  1. I just hooked up a 22" Viewsonic lcd monitor model VX2235wn. Everything looked like it was going to be fine until my screen turned blue and I got an error message, one I never got before.

    It said a bunch of stuff but I remember this:

    "This device drive got stuck in an infitnite loop. Problems with the device or the device driver programing the hardware incorrectly."

    I had an Acer 22" plugged in for about 3 weeks days and didnt have this problem. Granted the Acer screen would go blank here and there but nothing a re-start wouldnt fix.

    Also, when I have the New Viewsonic monitor hooked up with a vga cable....when I right click on the desktop it takes a long time for the menu to come up. If I disconnect the vga cable from my notebook the right click is normal.

    Could it be the VGA cable? I installed the drivers but only after the crash. Maybe I will try a restore and install the drivers first.

    Could my video card be bad? I have an Inspiron 6000 with 1.6m and 915chipset, 512 ram

    Also, it has been running loud lately, a lot more fan activity. Should I get a cooler for underneath?

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