Crashing during games, Card or Drivers may be culprit?

By CatastrophE
Dec 24, 2005
  1. Ok i've mentioned it before but i've upgraded my Mobo and Processor to an Asrock 939 SATA 2 and AMD Athlon 64 3700.
    It's running nicely after doing a repair on Windows XP and everythings fine, except some of my games seem to crash during play, i've updated my with Windows Update, downloaded the AGP, Processor and Sound drivers on the mobo and updated my 3D card drivers.
    What basically happens is the game will crash at ANY TIME, it will play perfectly smooth and happily and then out of nowhere it will just crash and a sound will loop over and over, so for example someone might be talking and it will crash and loop the same word over and over, after a while the looping will stop, the computer will freeze and then I hear a single beep coming from the speakers following game shutting down, it then takes quite a while for things to sort themselfs out and then...nothing, it's all back to normal on the desktop.
    My thoughts are that it might be either the Sound drivers (since it loops over and over) or my 3D card drivers, even though they are the most recent Omega x800xt AIW drivers.
    note that it only does this with some games (Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, and so far only once on HL2 Deathmatch)
    Spec's are
    X800XT AIW 256
    Amd 64 3700
    1 gig DDR 400 Corsair matched speed

    Would someone like to lend me some help? :)

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