Crysis & Crysis Warhead Win2K Fixes

By Per Hansson ยท 55 replies
Nov 1, 2007
  1. norbe09

    norbe09 TS Rookie Posts: 16

    same thing to me
  2. iLag!!!!!

    iLag!!!!! TS Rookie Posts: 18

    I'm also getting the same inability to install issue on my computer. Right now, I had my brother install it on his XP computer, and I'm copying the installed game to my hard drive right now. If this works, or I need help with getting it to work, I'll post.
  3. iLag!!!!!

    iLag!!!!! TS Rookie Posts: 18

    Well, my workaround worked. Install the game on another computer, and copy the folders over. My only problem was that I got an EA window hassling me about my CD key. After putting in my key, it brought back the same window. I hit don't continue, reopened the game, and it game me the same window. Rather than hit "Don't Continue" this time, I control-alt-deleted the thing. I tried to open the game again, and what do you know it started right up.

    Until another workaround is found this will work.
  4. OldBoy2k

    OldBoy2k TS Member Posts: 27


    you can remove version checks with a OS-remove-Script Code v1.1 which is posted at our Win2kgaming forum.Follow the instructions how to install the games behaving like this.

    best regards
  5. agraj

    agraj TS Rookie


    u need to install dotnetframework.
    i hope it will solve
  6. punisherdude

    punisherdude TS Rookie

    that worked......!
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