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Crysis for Windows DVD Installation Problem

By kisrum
Jan 6, 2009
  1. My daughter's 80 gb HD has over 50 GB open and it's not too fragged, (specs are listed) but we've tried installing Crysis from the DVD over and over, and either get Error Code 1311, or it just hangs up about 50% through. This is a legal retail version from Best Buy and it accepts her Key number, but just won't finish install.

    We turn off AVG, etc. (come to think of it, did not turn off firewall).

    On other forums I'm hearing about bad DVDs etc. This one LOOKS okay, no scratches or anything. Any suggestioins? The EA forum helpfully points to a dead link.
  2. corbett_1989

    corbett_1989 TS Member Posts: 54

    I had a smiliar problem where the stupid thing gave me an error and stopped working. I took the disc out when I get the error and I put it back in and press retry.
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