CS ping problem- pls help me !

By ajinkya.steel
Dec 24, 2005
  1. I have a problem with ping on counter strike. i recently got broadband and am running at 256k. So my ping should be relatively low around like 30. But it isn't it sits at like 450 (that is worse than a 56k modem). it is only counter stike that does it aswell, warcraft III goes fast and i can surf the net fast,also my download speed is 27 to 29 kbps/s, it is only counter strike. I don't know how to fix it up. AAAAHHHHH please help asap. Feel free to e-mail - ajinkya.steel@gmail.com or just reply any help will be much appreciated. PLEASE HELP!!! :angel:
  2. Foxracer15

    Foxracer15 TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I had that same Problem but all i did was restart CS and it was gone maybe try reinstalling CS...?
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