D-Link router just stopped working!

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Dec 11, 2009
  1. My wireless router suddenly stopped working yesterday. None of the 4 computers that were using that router are able to connect to the internet any more. All of the computers say they are getting an "Excellent" signal, but non are able to bring up a web page. The day before this happened we had an additional cable box added to our house and the cable guy said he "rewired" our cable. I don't think he went in the room where the router is. Don't know if what he did could have had any affect on our current problem, but I would really love to have our internet back!!! Any help would be fantastic. Thanks!
    PS I called the cable company and they said there is no problem with the modem. When you plug the ethernet cord directly into the computer the internet works fine.
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    Why? What did he add to the wiring?

    my guess is you have a different box between the modem and the original WiFi router.

    what are the make/ model numbers of the modem and every box leading to ( & including) the wifi router.

    You will need the Admin/Password to the router and I suspect we need to set the IP masquerade address
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    He said whoever set it up in the beginning set it up wrong and that we were lucky our cable was still working with the way it was set up. Whatever that means! We never had any problems until he "fixed" the wiring. the modem make and model, respectively, are Arris TM502G. The router is the only other box hooked to it and it is a DLink DI-524. Not sure what the masquerade address is, but I follow instructions well lol
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    oh goody ...

    do you know exactly which PC was first connected to the modem BEFORE the DLink DI-524
    was installed?

    WIRE that system directly to the DLink DI-524

    Use your browser and access
    login is Admin
    password <none>​
    On the Home Tab, near the bottom, is a CLONE button
    you should get a list of MAC addresses - - - OR

    use run->cmd /k ipconfig /all
    and use that address

    This is called MAC Provisioning and most ISPs use it. If it fails,
    leave the wired setup
    modem---DLink DI-524---first.pc
    and call the ISP for them to allow your router, and then you will not need the CLONE :)

    I'll be gone 12.12 all day so maybe someone else will pickup the thread.

    Setups to be done:

    1. WiFi settings:
    2. set a new SSID (other than the default)
    3. set a channel 1->11
    4. leave encryption off for now
      Router settings
    5. enable DHCP
    6. set the router ip address (the default is which is fine)
    7. and the range of DHCP addresses to be used, eg x.x.0.10 -> 0.20
    8. set an admin password
    9. save the settings (which will log you out) and restart the router

    now rerun ipconfig /all in that cmd prompt window from above
    and with one PC attached, you should get from the settings @#7 above

    in the cmd prompt window issue
    ping www.google.com
    and you should get (3) timing records; if so, B I N G O :) you're good to go.

    disconnect the Wired connection; disable the NIC using run->devmgmt.msc
    find the Network Adapters and disable the NON-Wireless (also the 1394 if you like)

    Now turn on the wireless and look for your SSD from #2 above
    If that's good, you only need to set the encryption (use wpa2, wpa) in that order

    USE the wired connection to do that (reenable the device :)
    enable encryption
    set the passphrase (write it down somewhere)
    save the settings

    Disable the wired NIC
    look for your SSID (should show a different icon for encrypted access)
    connect->enter passphrase

    and you should be good
  5. hunnybunn5

    hunnybunn5 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks so much!
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