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Jul 4, 2007
  1. My Wireless internet keeps turning on and off this has been happening ever since I've had my laptop. Well i have a D-Link 524 router, but i am having problems using it. i hooked the D-Link router up to my laptop using a DSL cable only, and thats it. i need to know how to get it working... help is greatly appreciated.
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    First welcome to Techspot forum.
    Second have you updated the firmware on the 524?
    Third have you udpated the drivers for wireless adapter for your laptop?

    Try 2 and 3 and see if that fixes your problem?
  3. abstract theory

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    thanks for the welcome and i haven't
    updated anything... but is that the only way to make the router work, because
    i dont know anything about wifi or anything like that, im more of a program person.
  4. tipstir

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    Dlink routers are easy to update the firmware and the manual for your router is at www.dlink.com. Start there and take your time.
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    Here's wat to do

    Hi There Abstract,

    I can see that there have been a few posts, and no one has really answered your question yet! Here are some practical steps that I would take, and hopefully they will help fix your problem.

    Firstly, the basics.

    1. Make sure that everything is connected.

    2. If your service requires you going through your phone line, then make sure the line is properly connected to the DSL router, and make sure it is plugged into the right socket

    3. Make sure that on your DSL router the wireless symbol is lit up. With most routers the wireless will flash while it is connecting, and will go solid once it has connected. With some routers it will flash very rapidly once connected, all this means is that data is being transfered.. ie, when your connected wirelessly and you start using the net, the wireless symbol will flash.. This isn't definite tho, I'm just saying that incase it happens don't stress. Then again, with other routers it will have a seperate 'wireless symbol' and a 'internet symbol'.. If your wireless symbol is solid, and the internet symbol is flashing, then your all good :grinthumb

    4. In the case that your wireless symbol does not flash, or go solid (or do anything at all!) then this is likely where your problem is. If this is what's going on, then i'll explain what you have to do.

    --How to enable Wireless on your router--

    1. In order to access your router, you will need to know the default gateway. Keep following these steps I tell you..

    2. Make sure the router is properly turned on

    3. You will need to have an ETHERNET CABLE. Plug the ethernet cable into your computer's LAN card, and connect the other end to the router.

    4. Wait untill windows says you have a connection. You may need to enable your LAN card by clicking Start> Netowrk Connections> and double click on the connection under 'LAN/High Speed internet'

    5. Now, click on start, click on RUN, then type 'cmd' and press enter

    6. now in the command window type 'ipconfig/all'

    7. scroll down the list, and find 'default gateway'

    8. Open up internet explorer, and type that number (it will be something like 192.168.x.x) in the address bar

    9. There you go, your in the router.. Now look around, and see if you can enable wireless

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any more questions :grinthumb
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