dead pc ????

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Apr 7, 2006
  1. I have a pc and at this point all it does is power up and just power down. when i say it power up, i meant the power indicator light comes on only with no other sounds of powing up. I dont even hear the floppy and hard drives sounding off. any clues???
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    The power light goes off again? If yes, then you either have a short somewhere and the PSU cuts the power as a protective measure or you have connected the reset or power switch wrong.
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    Please unplug the power plug and leave it off for few minutes.. it might reset the cycle and can restart ok... if not, i assume the power supply went out or CPU might fried. please check in PC and find any unsusal smell. <meaning burning = somthing fried>
  4. THOR94112

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    dead pc ???


    yah, i know about the part where one leave the power supply off for a while and see if it come back on. tried that already sonny. u might be right about the cpu; but could it be the memory????
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    A partial quick test of the PSU is as follows:
    1) Unplug the damn thing.
    2) Remove side of case and disconnect the 20pin molex to the mobo and the 4 pin CPU power connector if applicable.
    3) Locate the GREEN wire on the 20pin connector(there is only one), jumper this to any BLACK wire on the same connector(all blacks are ground).
    4) Plug the PSU into wall, turn on the back power switch on the PSU. The fans should come on in the case and the PSU.
    5) If nothing happened then you have for sure a dead PSU.

    By partial I mean this does not check the condition of the 3.3 and 5 volt outputs, only the 12 Volt outputs. Your problem sounds like a completely dead PSU. No biggy for $30 you can replace in easily.

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