Deadly low Frame Rates???

By BuhBye
Jan 29, 2008
  1. Hi guyz, Im out on a limb here. I have spent weeks chasing this and its kind of a long story....

    My issue is simple, at the moment Im playing Operation Flashpoint. Old... Yes, but still awesome. I have ALL settings off or very low and I still get frame rates between 4 and 24 averaging 15 or so. I have played this since it hit the shelf and I started on a Pentium 2 450 and that ran it better.

    System Specs

    Abit NF7-S2G and PC Chips M848A (Ya its junk) (tried them both)

    AMD Athlon 2100 and 3000+ (tried them both)

    Enermax 550W PSU and Echo Star 680W PSU (tried them both)

    Geil DDR400 and Kingston DDR400 (tried them both)

    SB Audigy SE

    2 Maxtor 40 gig HDs

    GeForce 6200 GS OC and GeForce 7800 GT OC (tried them both)

    Everything listed "first" was original. Second was replaced to try to fix this. BUT nothing does!!!???

    A year ago I was running F.E.A.R. with the Abit board and the 7800 GT at max settings and all of a sudden while playing GRAW my performance took a dump.

    Here is where things get sticky... When my performance dove the MB started screaming at me when joining a server or high demand graphic situations like explosions. So, I put my old 6200 back in and the screaming stopped but the performance was still down. But I figured it was the older card. I RMAed the 7800 and got a new one but the performance was the same without the noise. So I tried the XP 2100+, NOPE.... tried new RAM, NOPE then the new 7800 died... RMAed that (still waiting) Was also having data corruption issues, So I figured its the MB so I bought the PC chips board Still the same less the data issues so far...

    I have run every test I can find, freeware, software and online and every thing says the system is 100% except PC Pistop. There test says my 2 HDs have an uncached speed of 10MBs and 15MBs, but the Maxblast says they are fine???

    PLEASE someone give me something. A 2ghz PC with a 7800 GT OC should run OFP at max settings with frame rates in the 60s.

    I thank anyone for any ideas!
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