By skrooge
Aug 1, 2004
  1. :confused:
    i got a few, problems with gta3, gta vice seems to work, no, does work perfectly fine.

    the problems i am having are:
    cannot change the screen resolution above 640x480 but can change colour depth
    i cannot get sound to work, yer it plays in the intro movies, but when i go into settings, it says there is no audio hardware.

    iv copied all the audio files to the hard drive, installed the 1.1 patch. the only thing that went wrong is i had to delete the 2 files, "sfx.raw" and "sfx.dat" or else it claimed there was no cd in the cd drive (and yes there was)

    if anyone can help it would be good because im rackin my brains out tryin to fix it!

    my pc specs:
    p4 2.8ghz (overclocked to 3.6ghz)
    creative audigy 2 nx sound card
    sapphire radeon x800 pro
    120gb sata wd hard drive
    512mb ram
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