Defrag analyzer picked up 90+% of hard drive full with fragmented files

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Nov 28, 2005
  1. I have searched and can't really find this problem anywhere else. So here is what is going on:

    I work for a school district and there is a computer lab with 30 of the same Gateway E-4100 CTO (windows Xp SP2). One computer (that I know of anyways) said that the hard drive is full, less than 100MB remaining. It's a 40gb drive and only about 5gb should be used. I thought somehow someone installed games or videos (even though regular users dont have permissions). I ran spyware programs, our norton antivirus, checked every folder, and ran a search for any files above 5MB and nothing out of the ordinary appeared. I emptied recycle bin and temp folders, pictures in my docs, etc. and freed up around 6gb.

    I then went to disk defragmenter and ran the analyzer and the entire drive was practically red (all fragmented files). I have never seen that before, especially on a computer less than 2 years old. I checked other computers in the lab and they all showed hardly any fragmented files.

    Is this a bad hard drive that I should get replaced while its under warranty? Anyone ever experience this? I am defragging it as I type this and it will probably take 6+ hours with that many fragmented files.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. iss

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    it is possible that the drive is going bad but there are a few things I would do before contacting gateway.

    try running scan disk\disk check to see if it removes these fragments. I would also check and make sure that no one has changed any settings for the recycle bin ( enlarged it) and system restore. run disk cleanup and under more options delete all but the most recent restore points. ( system restore takes up alot of space.)
  3. dgower2

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    Sounds like a bad HDD - run scan disk

    1. Run scandisk (error check) on the hard drive. Scan for bad sectors. This will take a long time.

    2. Next time you boot the machine, go into the BIOS and enable SMART for the hard drives (if this option is present in the BIOS).

    2. Norton A/V stinks - use a different A/V application if possible. Make sure the virus definition/dat files are updated.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Nodsu

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    SequoiaView is a nice little program that graphically shows you where your disk space is.
  5. Samstoned

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    check in the tools folder, options, file view
    check show hidden files
    uncheck hide protected files
    let us know if the defrag worked
    see if the teacher can get you a copy of a good defrag utility like O&O
  6. jobeard

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    empty browser cache and temp files for all users

    empty \windows\temp

    turn off System Restore

    run CHKDSK /F before you attempt ANY defrag!
  7. hotice

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  8. wurms

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    Thanks for all the replies. I found the problem. The Symantec Antivirus does automatic updates and it kept adding temporary definition files into a folder and then is suppose to delete them but for some reason couldn't on this particular computer and everytime the computer booted up it would add the file because it reads it as not being there. There was 26gb worth of that crap in a hidden folder. So far its the only computer I have seen this way but with 8 schools in the district I am sure there will be others. This computer won't update definitions no matter what I do. So looks like I am going to image the sucker. :D
  9. jobeard

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  10. Phils2888

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    Same Problem?

    Hey Wurms. I just purchased a Gateway GT5012, with an Intel Pentium D processor 820. I went to d/l a program after having the PC a day, and received a mesage that there was no more space on the HD. Heck, it has a 228GB drive! Went to my computer, "C" and sure enough the graphic showed full. Rebooted, and it was fine. Next day, same deal. Today, so far, so good. I also have Norton AV, but have not tracked the problem yet.
  11. wurms

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    That sounds like something different. My problem would take about 2 weeks to fill a 40gb drive and was supposidly (according to symantecs site) only suppose to happen with Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition 7 but we have version 10.0 here. You may want to run a chkdsk. Your hard drive could be messed up if its brand new and reading as full.

    Do a search for:


    That .xfr extension were those files that clogged my drive. Make sure you select hidden files as well in the search. The files were in:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Symantec Antivirus Corportate Edition\7.5\xsfr_tmp
  12. MirandaSnyder

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    I'm having this same problem!!

    I have this same problem. I went to upgrade my Microsoft Money, then after that there was a problem with it. I uninstalled it, (tried but something was wrong, said it couldn't find it) and now, my hard drive has 3% memory left! What the heck happened? I downloaded a trial of PerfectDisk, because my own defrag couldn't run on 3% memory. Seriously, after defrag, still 80-90% of my memory is fragmented! I just bought this laptop (Gateway MX3228) in July! What is going on?
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