Deleting my old account

  1. Hi,

    I created an account a long long time ago with my full name (silly). When I search myself in google, this post comes up. Although there is nothing sensitive showing up, I'd like to stop coming up in the google search.

    So I'd like to delete my account and forum post if possible? If the post cannot be removed, will deleting my account or changing my name to something else prevent the post showing up when I search my name?

    Unfortunately the email address I used back then has been deactivated and I have no access to it, so cannot send myself a password reset email. Cannot remember my log in password either, so had to create this account so I can post on here. Would be good if there was a 'contact us' email address I could send this type of request to instead. Apologies if there is one already, can't seem to find it.

    the email address I used for my account back then was ...

    the post with my account name in it is found here:

    Hopefully I've posted this request in the right section, I remember seeing a previous post with a similar question suggesting to post it on here.


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  2. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 7,421   +809

    There you go Alex (y)
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  3. ranomder12345

    ranomder12345 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks very much for your prompt response Julio!

    Feel free to delete this 'randomer12345' account as I just made it for this specific post.

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