Dell 1521

By eyemfedup2
Feb 21, 2011
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  1. hi all
    new project

    i have a dell 1521
    it will post fine off a charged battery but not the power cord
    i have swapped out the power cords with three new oem dell chargers
    no go wont even charge a battery
    suspected the dc jack
    looks fine
    i don't know the actual pin out voltages but I'm getting 19.5 volts to the jack
    and voltage to allot of the motherboard
    i removed the dc jack and cleaned it
    looks OK
    like i said i dont know the pin out voltages but once again 19.5v if I'm doing it right
    soldered it back in really well same thing
    if i put a low battery in it the orange light blinks forever
    no charge to battery
    on the of chance it is the dc jack i ordered one
    waiting for it to come in
    while i wait does anyone have any ideas
    i made sure that the jack was flowed well
    Ive never had a 1521 so i dont know the inherent problems
    have had the 1525's and are much easier to trouble shoot
    as always thanks for listening and i do appreciate all input
    thank you guys and hope to hear back soon
  2. eyemfedup2

    eyemfedup2 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 69

    i replaced the dc jack once again
    did a perfect job
    clean and clear
    no solder over run or short
    but guess what
    the jack started smoking
    two little surface mount components f1 and f2 are now open???
    does anyone know what they are
    they dont look like diodes as they have a white band on both ends

    also is it humanly possible to get a schematic for a mother board
    still powers up on a battery but not a power cord
    i have years of experience in electronics can trouble shoot and solder well
    if i could find out what f1 and f2 actually are it would really be helpful
    or a schematic would be the bomb
    i can also do surface mount repair quite well
    i just need to know what the components are
    love a challenge
    HELP if you can
    once again thanks
    ps still getting power to mobo but not to f1 and f2

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