Dell 1720 Inspiron 17" Notebook

By jeayvo
May 26, 2011
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  1. Is there anyone out there who can identify with why my Dell 1720 Inspiron 17" noteboook will, at times, startup on the Media Center. I don't even use the Media Center and have never really used it and I do not understand why I have this issue. I always do a complete shutdown and I never close the lid until computer is completely off and button is out.

    If my system has never been setup to startup on the media center why would it start up this way? And, of course, this issue started shortly after the warranty expired. I end up powering off and turning on again in hopes it starts up on my desktop. Sometimes it will start up on the desktop and sometimes I have to turn on and off again and again or do the exit on the media center which is a pain in itself because the computer does not allow me to go directly to desktop without turning on and off.

    I will probably never buy another Dell product whether it be desktop or notebook.

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