Dell 3100cn color laser - won't print on "vellum"

By amyea
Jun 7, 2006
  1. If any one could help me out with my printing problem, I would really appreciate it. From the quality of the posts, I can see that there are some smart people here, and I hope my question isn't stupid. If you have a question, ask someone smarter than you, right?

    I am trying to print colored text on a sheet of "vellum", plastic really, or translucent paper (43lbs.), letter-sized, on a Dell 3100cn color laser printer. The only paper setting using the Manual Paper Feed (MPF) that will recognize and try to print is "Transparency". When I chose that option, the paper feeds, but then stops, and I receive and error message to open the back of the printer and remove the sheet. I have tried all other paper (plain 1, plain 2, cover 1, cover 2, label, coated 1, coated 2, etc.), and in all cases, the response is "Load XXX". I have printed on this very brand and color of translucent paper in the past with color laser printers without problem, so I believe it can be done, but I have not had any success at all trying to print on my 3100cn with this paper or its lighter version. Is it the paper? Is it my printer? I was under the impression that the Dell 3100cn could print on "vellum" or translucent paper. Am I wrong?

    If you know how to configure the Dell 3100cn to print on this type of paper, please reply as soon as possible. Any and all advice is sincerely appreciated!
  2. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    Try another brand of vellum
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