Dell 4300

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I just recent got a dell 4300 without video card and ram
I a 256 chunk of pc133 and a working video card
When i go to start it it beeps a bunch of times and no video
The lights in the back are organe
If anyone could help PLEASE!

me(who else?)

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*A bunch of beeps* isn't really helpful, now is it? How about how many beeps? It sounds like you should check that everything is mounted in the slots properly. If anything is loose, it could cause damage, which is why it won't let you start up. I would especially make sure that you installed the video card with the AGP lock open.


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Dell's can be very picky with the hardware their systems can work with.Since you did not post your profile or specify the Ram or Vid card ,brand /model, you should check at Dell's web site for compatibility, and for sure download their drivers for that Vid card.
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