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Mar 19, 2006
  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem I have with a Dell D400. I recently received it from my work after they thought that the laptop was broken.

    The problem I have is that the I do not know the Admin password on Windows 2000 pro. I then decided to try and boot from a USB flash drive (as this machine does not have any floppy or CD rom drives). I went into the A07 version bios from Dell only to find that the config system is password protected. I haven't contacted Dell about this as I have heard that they are not at all helpful when it comes to "second hand" machines.

    I have tried booting Windows in it's various Safe modes hoping that it would give me an option to change the password, but all to no avail!

    If anyone can help me get through the first hurdle either by letting me know a way around the BIOS or the Windows 2000 pro password, I would really appreciate it!

    It's driving me mad! I have been trying to get into it all weekend!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. tomsockey

    tomsockey TS Rookie

  3. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    Admin/Configure Setup Password

    Tomsockey , that would most probably help with the Windows Password, but not the BIOS Admin Configure Setup Password which he also has. To eliminate that, he needs a copy of SVCTAG.EXE to run in DOS using a Bootable Diskette, CDR, or even a DOS only Bootable HDD. Send me an email to my profiled address and I will send what you need for all three methods.
  4. norfolk666

    norfolk666 TS Rookie

    D610 admin pwd needed

    Hi, Paragon and all other Xperts :)

    I've got my D610 from a local second-hand store. It has a BIOS ADMIN pwd set for changes in setup.

    Tried the bootable floppy, but it returns the EE-CPB.exe error..

    maybe I need the updated svctag.exe or smth else i don't know

    pls help

    service tag: 9GKTX1J
    system tag: 9GKTX1J-595B

    email removed
  5. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie

    DSt software

    The version of EE-CPB.exe I have on my copy of the DST software is 5.1 and works OK with the D610. You probably have version 4.5 and that will not cut it. Also there were some additional updated versions and additions to the entire SVCTAG.EXE software for the newer models. I will send the later versions to your email.
  6. norfolk666

    norfolk666 TS Rookie


    Thx a lot

    you were right - version difference caused all troubles

    everything is fine now
  7. SRdigital

    SRdigital TS Rookie

    Need tell master password Inspiron 700m Help!!!!

    Help need master password for Dell Inspiron 700m. Service tag 10GZC61.

    Any ideas for getting the master password or reseting the eeprom without taking the laptop appart would be appreciated!!!!!!

    email [ email removed

  8. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

  9. Selicia

    Selicia TS Rookie

    need the x23 disk

    hello any one have the svctag.exe disk i would apreciate it thanxs
  10. JOKER AS

    JOKER AS TS Rookie

    hello;I am weak english...ı am problem {DELL inspiron 700m} master password
    bios locked... please the help!
  11. mcabezas

    mcabezas TS Rookie

    Need help with Latitude password admin reset

    I'm in need - like many subscribers - to have the admin password on a Dell Latitude laptop reset.....I recently purchased a D610 and unfortunately, I did not know it had a power-on password.....the seller is now out of the country and unreachable. Service Tag 9NS4V71 (express service code 21029019373). Any help / guidance is much appreciated !!!
  12. kasekracker

    kasekracker TS Rookie

    Lost Password

    hello all,i am the proud owner of a Dell Latitude D610 that boots to a gray screen telling me that this laptop is locked blah,blah,blah.Can anyone help me?Please

    usually I can hack through this type of thing easily but Dell has put a knot in my knickers
    service Tag 6F26T61
    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE 13971363625
  13. toney_british

    toney_british TS Rookie

    Hallo rustam_ i have a problem with my Dell LATITUDE D610 laptop. I search all the time in the web but u are the only one who ( I hope ) can help me.

    I must clear the master password of my notebook.

    SERVICE TAG is 6Q37N81

    EXPRESS SERVICE CODE is 14638210129

    C/N is OU8082-48643-59Q-1644

    my e-mail is email removed

    Thanks a lot
  14. thornton_tx

    thornton_tx TS Rookie

    Hello I am in need of BIOS PW, please help me if you can.
    It is for a D600.........service tag 6KLGQ41 express tag email is email removed Any help is apreciated.
  15. papilloncomando

    papilloncomando TS Rookie

    Hello i need system password for my cumputer. its a dell latitude cs "LAPTOP". what can i do?? HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!

  16. haldor2000

    haldor2000 TS Rookie

    hi, i don not speak english so much
    my problem is by a Dell inspiron 6400, when started , this message show me:


    what happened? please help me?
  17. saulxz

    saulxz TS Rookie

    i need really help!

    hi, i have a Dell Inspiron 1150! and i cant enter to windows my notebooks is blocked!

    model: Inspiron 1150
    service tag: 45CCS61
    express service code: 9030211993
    CN-0F3553-12961-51N- 2607
    please help me!
    my e-mail is: email removed

  18. DocZaf

    DocZaf TS Rookie

    dell Inspiron 8100 HDD + Config Pwd needed

    Hi, Rustam,Paragon and all other Xperts

    I've got a dell inspiron 8100 and i own it and have foned dell and spoke with their support staff who sounded helpful enough, the only thing that bugged me was that the support personnel was trying to deal with two queries from the public at the same time ;(

    Its possible that because of this whatever results i was given did not work.

    The laptop has a BIOS ADMIN pwd set for changes in setup and also a CONFIG pwd too.

    Tried the bootable floppy, and it geves me various codes according to wether i USE the HDD number or the TAG and varies more when lower case as opposed to upper case ;(

    any help what so ever is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

    Service tag: HYD7B0J
    System tag: HYD7B0J-595B

    The (master?) password from dell was - ylu0kpzs
    Passwords generated by Latitiude_MasterPW.exe were:

    Thanks Again.


    email removed
  19. Paragon33

    Paragon33 TS Rookie


    Go to this website and download either the DST Floppy or the DST-CDR-ISO., make the dsisk and run it in DOS to Delete/Change your Service Tag and then reset the same one. That will erase your EEProm chip and eliminate the PWs; resetting the same Service Tag after will restore normal operation
  20. warrenbuffet

    warrenbuffet TS Rookie

    Hello paragon33
    this is my first post. please help me if you can with Bios Pw or what makes a laptop i recently got from a foreign student blocked at the setup.
    computer system #795832J-595B
    CN is OU8082-48643-615-2334
    email removed
    thanks in advance
  21. lovernet

    lovernet TS Rookie

    Help me please DELL latitude d400

    Hi all...
    I need Passwoard Bios For Dell D400.
    I thank immense your aid please help me, without this nao I obtain to bind my portatil.

    Sandro Guerra

    Service tag BVJ7L1J-595b

    email removed
  22. larrob718

    larrob718 TS Rookie

    Help Needed here too

    New here and i have a Lat D600 that is also bios password protected.

    The EEprom is 24C256N chip.

    Tag# 6D2NP41

    How do you reset the bios. I have read the different threads and tried shorting out the legs on the chip but it did not work is there a different way to reset the password and or a sure way to short circut the proper legs on the chip???

  23. larrob718

    larrob718 TS Rookie


    Thanks for the Info, it took a couple of tries, but it worked.

    Replaced HD with a larger one so I didn't have to worry about unlocking it.

    Works great ! ! !
  24. howard_hopkinso

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