Dell Dimension 3000 power problems

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Dec 28, 2005
  1. Hi all,

    I have a Dell Dimension 3000 (about 5 months old) running at circa 3.2 GHz, 160GB drive and 1G RAM. Video card is a Radeon 256MB. PC was running fine. Burned a CD last night. No issues. Tried to boot up PC today and flashing amber light. Checked Dell site. Flashing amber indicates possible internal power problem. Opened casing and checked all power connections. All in place as required. Definitely power to the mother board as the green onboard LED is lit when power supply is plugged in. PC still indicating power problems (amber light still flashing). Any ideas on what to do? Could the hard drive be fried?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. beerabuser30

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    I would try a new power supply. Check the power supply in the Dell system for size because sometimes they are weird sized.
  3. Apache

    Apache TS Rookie

    I am having the exact same problem.
    Last night I went to sleep and then I went to work in the morning, when I returned I tried to switch it on and had a flashing amber light.

    Have you found any resolutions to this problem? I don't believe its the power supply as it shows a green constant light when connected to the mobo.
  4. teentech

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    possibly fried try putting the hard drive in a different computer if you have one and run harddrive diagnostic software on it good luck ;)
  5. iss

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    If the Dell is only 5 months old then it is still under warranty.
  6. JCVM

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    Dimension 3000

    Just to let you know, I also had a constant green light on the MOBO. I completely removed the PSU from the unit, and jumped the green wire to a black one, and plugged in the PSU. Nothing happened. I tried it an an old PSU just to check if the jumping worked and it did. The fan on that PSU with the green and a black wire jumped, powered on. So, it would appear that there is a problem with the Dell PSU. I spoke to a Dell parts supplier (I'm in Ireland, he's in the UK) and he said that the Dell PSUs are a big weakness, which I'd already heard from other users. I told him I had upgraded the video card to a 256MB Nvidia GEForce 5200 and he said that that could have caused problems for the PSU, which operates at 250w. Anyway, I've ordered a new PSU which I should have this week and hopefully it will work. He suggested downgrading the videocard to a 126MB one. I asked him about installing a more powerful PSU that would output around 400w, but he said their technician had tried this on another Dimension with bad results, so he suggested sticking to a 250w one. I'll let you know what happens with the new PSU.
  7. Apache

    Apache TS Rookie

    My system is an 8400, I read a few other forums and there seems to be ALOT of people with this same problem.

    I phoned Dell tech support and they ran through a few things with me, took about 10 mins in total. They are sending me out a new PSU will arrive tomorrow, I will update you all as to weather it fixes the problem :) I was quite lucky, my 1 year warrenty runs out on 12th January 06 ;)
  8. iss

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    The best PSU's for Dell are made by PC Power and Cooling. they make a 300 watt dell compaitable PSU that is very well made. I have one that is three years old adn still running strong.
  9. JCVM

    JCVM TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Just to let you know, I installed a new PSU during the week and PC is back up and running.
  10. bbdude

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    It could be fried, or some cables could be bad or something. Do some trial-and-erroring.
  11. tdeg

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    Call Dell and get them to look at it.

    If its under warranty (and if its only 5 months old it should be) then let them pay for a new power supply for you.
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