Dell Dimension 4600

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Nov 20, 2005
  1. I have this dell dimension 4600!!! And I want to upgrade it!!! But I am not so sure about what my mother board can support!! I have tried "Ernest home edition" but it doesn’t help much!! is there a program that give the detail description of a PC!! Or is there a web site with detail descriptions of Dell Pc's!

    Mobo name: Dell Dimension 4600i

  2. vnf4ultra

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  3. Cyber

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    Thx that help!
  4. Merc14

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    My wife had a Dell 4600. They generally have a AGP slot so you can upgrade the video card fairly easily. Just be advised that 4600's usually carry a 250 watt PSU so you'll have to limit yourself to a card level such as the 6800nu. If you have added drives then you may already be at the PSU's limit.
  5. Cyber

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    I was thinking of upgrading my memory to 1gig!! and the HD to 250gb!! i all ready have a gameing computer!!! so i dun have to wrry abt graphics too much on this one!!!


    thx a lot for ur help guys!!
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    Upping the memory to 1GB will give you a definite boost in performance. Just make sure everything matches so it will run in dual channel without a hitch. 250GB HDD won't help performance, it will just increase your storage space. Like I said though, be careful you don't overload your PSU. Dell puts in a decent PSU but it is as big as it needs to be so there isn't a lot of overhead for growth.
  7. Cyber

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    Ya 250 will not give me much more performance but I think I need more space since I do video editing!!!! I already have 2 sticks of 256!! So ill get 2 sticks of 512 and get rid of 256 sticks!!! Probably give it to my friend or something!!! Loll!! Oh and we have to configure the dual channel mode!! Right!! Dell’s bois is plain simple there is no option for dual channeling!!! Any advice!!

    aii thx for ur help!!

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    A memory upgrade to 1GB will be a good think. If you want to do video editing, then I recommend getting a fast CPU and a lot of memory. Also, you can invest in a good video card too.

    And could I ask why you're typing everything in !!! marks? :p
  9. Cyber

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    What do u mean by marks???
  10. Merc14

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    You could probably run two sticks of 512 in one channel (a1/b1)and two sticks of 256 in the other channel (a2/b2) for 1.5GB total. I don't think that would hurt your performance with your system. The mobo will shift to dual channel automatically and is running dual channel now in all likelihood.

    As far as the video card I wouldn't go any higher than a 6800nu (if you can still find one) or an x800. If you overload the PSU the system will crash continuously.
  11. Cyber

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    Thx for the advice i think then ill keep the 256 sticks and use um with the 512 sticks ill buy!!!!!!

    ai thx!!

    cyber :wave:
  12. Merc14

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    No problem. It would be better to have matched sticks across the board but I think you'd benefit more from the 1.5GB mixed than 1Gb matched when running video editing and most games (BF2 specifically). Benchmarking would see better numbers with 2 sticks of 512mb in dual channel but with a Dell you won't be overclocking anyways and real world performance is what really matters in the day to day picture and 1.5GB of RAM will make you smile big time.

    BRADLEY TS Rookie

    Dell Dimension 4600 Cpu Upgrade

    I Have A 3.06 Ghz Processor. Is That As High As I Can Go??? Could I Install A 3.4 Or 3.8??? And Also What Is My Socket Type???

    I Just Bought A Radeon X1950 Pro And I Can Max Out Demanding Games Like Fear And Stalker. I'm Experiencing A Little Lag In Stalker Though. I Believe It's My Processor Cuz I Have 1.5 Gigs Of Ram. Stalker Recommends An Intel Core 2 Duo And Of Course I Know My Mobo Doesn't Support That.

    Just Wondering If I Could Upgrade To A Faster Cpu
  14. CCT

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    BRADLEY TS Rookie

    Thank You For Helping Me. I Guess I'll Just Have To Wait And Save Up For A Better Mobo. It Seems Like 3.06 Is As High As I Can Go But Oh Well, And Yes I'm Always Nice To People.

    HORKULIC TS Rookie

    Dell Upgrade Site

    If you go to they can analyze your system and give you the upgrade availability for cpu, memory, graphics, accessories, hard drives, and it also list what is presently on your system. If your looking for power supplies then go to for Dell power supply upgrades.
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    I happened upon this website as I'm trying to hook up my microphone to my Dell and have now registered and bookmarked your forum as my GURU place to go for help! I may sound silly, but I swear that only men could have written the Dell owner's manual because for the life of me, I can't figure out the d*** setup for my mic.

    Soooooo, off I go to seek some help!

    Good to be here!
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