Dell Hard Drive Problem

By nealdarty
Mar 17, 2007
  1. I own a Dell latitude D610 with a Toshiba 40 gig hard drive that has a password on it. Since I am not the orignal owner and do not know the orignal owner dell won't give me the password. I bought a refurbished 20 gig Seagate Momentus drive off of E-bay. When I insert the the drive the laptop gives me the error of no bootable devices found. I have tried the windows xp bootdisk with no luck. I have also looked in the bios for some type of setting to set up the new hard drive but I can't find any setting to change. I'm outa ideas if anyone can help I would be greatful. Many Thanks.
  2. mailpup

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    Can you find in the BIOS where you can set the bootable devices and make sure it is set to CD drive ahead of the hard drive? However, even it you get the system to boot and you install XP, you are going to have to install the motherboard drivers. Make sure you have them handy. As you probably know, new hard drives aren't plug and play. All the drivers that don't come with Windows will have to be reinstalled.
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