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Dell Inspiron 1501 screen problem

By crazydog
Sep 14, 2008
  1. Hello all,

    I received a trojan horse dropper bravix B and had to reformat the hard drive. I used the OS disc and the drivers disc provided. I loaded the drivers in the sequence advised by dell. Following this the machine did not work properly so i downloaded the drivers using the computer tag. this included a BIOS update. All now appears ok except the screen. The screen appears to have gone to wide screen ( the bbc web site used to have to blank strips either side and now it is on the whole screen distorting the picture.)

    The screen I have is a 15.4" wide screen XGA TFT with truelife 1280X800

    When i go into display properties on the control pannel this is what I see

    Screen resolution (I am unable to adjust this other than to either min 800x600 or max 1024x768. There is no middle adjustment like on my wife's laptop.
    General- Normal size (96 DPI)
    Adaptor- Information
    Chip type, DAC Type, Mem Size, Adaptor string, DIOS info (all have unavailable next to them)
    PROPERTIES- General tab
    Device Type-Non plug and play drivers
    Manufaturer- unknown
    Location- unknown
    The device is working properly
    Drivers tab
    Service name- VgaSave
    Display name- VgaSave
    Status- Stated
    Startup- System
    Resourse tab-Resourse settings
    I/O Range 03B0-03BB
    I/O Range 03E0-03DF
    Memory- 000A000B-000BFFFF
    (all these 3 under resourse appear to have a "No entry sign to the left)

    Conflicting device list
    Include all listed in the resourse settings above with "used by PCI to PCI bridge" written next to them

    Monitor type- Default monitor
    Screen refresh rate- Use Hardware default settings
    Hardware acceleration set on full

    I hope that with this info that you can assist me in putting things with my screen back as it was

    Thanking you in anticipation


    No worries I have fixed it. I went into device manager and there was one that was not working. I used the widows to search for a compatible one. and it fixed it


  2. pdv

    pdv TS Rookie

    Okay, I'm new to this forum and only moderately computer literate. I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 that I had to completely reformat after a failed Vista update completely shut down my computer. After a good friend help me get my stuff using DOS, we had to completely reinstall with the CDs that came with the computer. Now when I view something like a video the screen will either go black or look like wallpaper and not come back on. I have to completely shut down and then turn it back on. Can anyone help me with this problem? I have updated the graphics driver.
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