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Jul 21, 2007
  1. HI ALL

    I am new to forum and I have a problem with my dell inspiron 6400 laptop. Actually I bought this from an unknown seller about a month ago. last night when I was working on it, It stop responding to me. So i press the power button to restart the computer. I shut off properly as the windows shuts down with all the messages but when i start it again it does not restart. Its lights come on for about three seconds and nothing on screen and then there is no light or power in it. I tried many things like with ac adapter or with out ac adapter or without hard drive or without dvd rom as told by dell technician.

    If anybody has any idea or any suggestions, well come.

  2. almcneil

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    This is definitely a hardware issue. An essential hardware device is broken and the system can't even initialize.

    I used to work for Dell. If the laptop is still under hardware warranty thy can send a technician to your place to fix it. If it's not still under warranty or the warranty is not transferable then you'll need to take it to a local computer store.
  3. sajid71

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    thanks for your opinion, can u tell me one more thing if this kind of situation occurs than what kind of problem is most common.
  4. almcneil

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    It could be many different causes. It's impossible to say which one since we have little information to work with. A hardware tech can do some brute tests to determine what's not working and go from there.
  5. raybay

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    You can do a search for Dell Inspiron 6400 or Dell Inspiron 1505. They are the same machine. We have several. They are decent machines, but I suspect your hard drive has gone bad. Luckily, hard drives are reasonably low priced at,, and many others.
    Most of these were sold on the QVC network at a low price, and at Costco. and I have always suspected that Dell knew something we did not. But we have seen hard drive problems on a few of them, power switch problems, cpu cooling fans, or power adapter problems on others. Not one consistent problem.

    Many of them were sold with Windows XP Professional, with an upgrade disc to VISTA sent later.

    If you need any of this stuff to get it running, and Dell will not send it to you, I will help you get it... if you can give an email address at which I can reach you... I will need your service tag.

    But if you do have a service tag and a Service Express number, call Dell tech support, as most of them have only been out since November. It was originally released in March of 2006 in small numbers. It was sold with 1, 2, 3, or 4 year warranties depending on what people were willing to buy.

    The Inspiron 6400 is the business version, and the 1505 is the "home" or "home office" version.

    Nice machine. Worth fixing.
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